South Florida from Michigan Essay

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South Florida from Michigan

John and Jenny Grogan, a newlywed couple who move to South Florida from Michigan, work in the newspaper business, John is a reporter and Jenny is a freelance feature writer. At the advice of John’s friend Sebastian, who claims that adopting a dog will pause Jenny’s biological clock, John and Jenny adopt an adorable yellow Labrador puppy that is touted by the breeder as being on sale. Jenny affectionately calls the puppy Clearance Puppy, but is ultimately named Marley. A rambunctious dog, the Grogans take Marley to a trainer, only to discover that even the trainer cannot control Marley.

When the couple tries to start a family, Marley gets older, and is still chewing on furniture, stealing food, and will not obey commands. John, who is the breadwinner in the family, is struggling with being a popular columnist for the newspaper he works at, continuously telling his boss that he had always wanted to be a reporter. Jenny is often left alone to suffer the frustrations of early motherhood, eventually getting so fed up with Marley’s antics that she demand that John take Marley to a new home. Of course, Jenny changes her mind after she had time to herself to sort things out.

From there, John gets a job in Pennsylvania, and with the move, the family becomes a picture of the American Dream; a nice home in the country, three children, and a dog. By this time, Marley is considered a senior, and his aging hits the family hard. In the end, Marley dies of a twisted stomach, a common ailment in larger dogs. After a small, and heartbreaking, funeral, the family who loved that dog so much moves on, better off for having known Marley. – McCarthy, Todd. (December 21, 2008). Marley & Me. Variety. April 7, 2009. http://www. variety. com/review/VE1117939263. html? categoryid=31&cs=1

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