South Africa Demographics Essay

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South Africa Demographics

The population of South Africa seems like it’s starting to stabilize. The population doesn’t seem to be growing much nor does it seem to be decreasing. I believe this is happening because the people of South Africa are starting to become more and more advanced. Since the end of apartheid in the 90s, the population is starting to get more international help. Meaning, technology and education in South Africa has increased making it the most advanced country in Africa.

I think as the country will continue to advance the population of South Africa will start to either go down or not change much really. As countries start to move away from the agricultural way of life more towards the technological way of life, the need for children decreases. Therefore, the population will also either decrease or stabilize. I also think the infant/ maternal mortality rates will go down from their now 34.6 infants/300 mothers’ values, and also I believe the now life expectancy of only 52.6 years will increase also because the health care of South Africa will start to improve.

South Africa is entering the third stage of the demographic transition model. The transition was made recently seeming to start around the year 2005. Although the death rate is rising, the population is still beginning to stabilize which is why I say they are entering stage three. I also believe that the rise in death rate wouldn’t have happened if not for the conflict of the end apartheid that started such an uproar in the country.

Things South Africa are starting to see to explain this transition include: increased urbanization meaning the mentality of families have changed; urban living has increased the cost of raising children so the birth rate is decreasing; more women are becoming more and more literate and are now seen as more than just child bearers, and also increased methods of contraception, improved medical care, and improved life expectancy.

I predict South Africa will soon start to move into the fourth stage because they are advancing later and in more technological time meaning the transitions will happen quicker than it did for countries currently in stage 4. The population will not grow much as I mentioned earlier, and both the death and birth rates will fall slowly but not experience much of a change either. This will all happen because again the mentality of mothers and families have changed, and also because of improved healthcare and child prevention methods.

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