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South Africa and Apartheid Essay


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What type of government did European settlers create in South Africa in 1909?
a democratic republic that included all citizens
a democratic republic that excluded many citizens
a parliamentary government that included all citizens
a parliamentary government that excluded many citizens

How did Nelson Mandela expand his anti-government activities in the 1960s
He co-wrote and signed The Freedom Charter.
He created a division dedicated to sabotage.
He founded the African National Congress.
He ran for president of South Africa.

The African National Congress was founded to
draft a constitution and establish a policy of apartheid.

unite non-white South Africans and further their cause.
help relocate certain citizens to South African homelands.
set up National Party rule to divide South African society.

As a result of the 1960 Sharpeville demonstration, ( ) began to believe that only armed rebellion would bring an end to apartheid.
Desmond Tutu
Nelson Mandela
F. W. de Klerk
Jacob Zuma

A student uprising in South Africa took place in
Cape Town.

After returning to South Africa from Algeria in 1964, Nelson Mandela was
arrested and imprisoned.
elected to the presidency.
educated in guerrilla tactics.
finally granted his freedom.

The Sharpeville demonstration of 1960 resulted in
the deaths of sixty-nine people.
the arrest of a famous leader.
the Population Registration Act.
the creation of segregated societies.

During the colonial era, South African society became divided based on

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