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South Africa and Apartheid

After returning to South Africa from Algeria in 1964, Nelson Mandela was
arrested and imprisoned.

In the early 1900s, European settlers in South Africa created
a system of segregation that split society.

During the colonial era, South African society became divided based on

The Sharpeville demonstration of 1960 resulted in
the death of sixty-nine people

What were the three economic consequences of apartheid in South Africa?
– Black citizens had very low standard of living
– Black citizens could not own private property
– The economy had a stagnant growth rate.

How did the international community respond to South Africa’s policies in the 1980s?
by refusing to buy South African goods

List the orders of events in the rise and fall of apartheid in South Africa?
i. The population Registration act was signed.
ii. The Soweto Uprising sparked more protests
iii. Frederik W. de Klerk brought about reforms.
iv. Nelson Mandela became the nation’s president.

The United States and Europe put pressure on South Africa in the form of

A student uprising in South Africa took place in


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