Sources Of Support Essay

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Sources Of Support

Local authority

Your local authority will have co-ordinators that will help to support people studying or working in early years. They will put you onto a pre-registration briefing to help you with the process. On the briefing they will also give information on the training they offer. The local authority will offer other training where necessary. E.g paediatric first aid, safe guarding. They also have a duty to provide EYFS training. The local authority can be contacted directly.

Childminding team
Direct line 0161-219-2726
Email address; [email protected]

Local childminder drop in meetings

Going to these meetings will give you the opportunity to meet other childminders in your area. This will give you some support and you can ask for advice on any childminding issues you may have. Local childminding drop in meetings will also give you the opportunity to get information on any free training. For information on these meetings contact your local authority childcare co-ordinator, or family services. 0161-219-2726

Local children’s Centre’s

Local children’s Centre’s may arrange drop in classes for childminders. This will give you the opportunity to bring the children you care for. It will give them a chance to play with other children and help them to socialise away from familiar settings. For more information visit your local sure start Centre. Alternatively visit for more information about their services.

Online Childminding forums

Childminding forums can provide lots of support for home based childminders. It is easily accessible, with childminders from different back grounds. E.g childminders working with special needs children. There are also some forums that parents use which are great when wanting a parent’s opinion. Some good forums to use are;


Her majesty’s revenue and customs is a good source of support for a self-employed business person. They are respectable for income tax, national insurance, tax credits, child benefits, enforcement of national minimum wage and many other things. Their purpose is to make sure that there is money available to fund our public service. They also help families/individuals that need financial support. They also offer other support too. They have a customs advice team. Theses arrange free workshops to give practical advice on tax matters. They also have support lines that will give advice if you have any worries such as not being able to meet tax, national insurance, VAT or other payments. You can contact them on 0300 200 3835.

To contact the HMRC visit and you can choose the reliving department of the number you require.


Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years. Paced is an organisation that promotes and supports childcare professionals. They provide training some of which is free if you join and become a member. If you join and become a member they also provide public liability insurance, which is needed when you become a childminder. They have forums to discuss things and they also have a shop section so that you can buy things that maybe relevant experience to your business such as childminding contracts and accident books. Pacey contact details are;

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