Source G is an extract from a novel about evacuees Essay

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Source G is an extract from a novel about evacuees

Source G is an extract from a novel about evacuees. It is from ‘Carries War,’ a novel for children written by Nina Bowden in 1973. Source G tells the story of two children entering the home of a host family. The story is from the children’s perspective. From analysing this source, there are certain aspects that make it reliable. ‘Not a speck of dust anywhere. ‘ The beginning line immediately gives us the impression of a rich, tidy and prosperous house in the country belonging to an upper middle-class family.

I think that Source G give us the common thought in that time of people living in the countryside being wealthy. Certain aspects of this quote is reliable because it was also shown this way in the film , the people that lived in the country had a better, much cleaner lifestyle. “Better change into your slippers before I take you to your bedroom” also indicates the general thinking in that time; country people thought that children coming from industrialised city areas could not even afford basic necessities, had no education.

This was one negative, snobbish attitude that a majority of people in the country lead. From my own knowledge, many children lived in poverty, this certain aspect of the source does reflect reality in WW2, many children lived in over-crowded slums. Furthermore, when Miss Evans says ‘your bedroom’ portrays that she probably lives in a wealthy big manor that has many individual rooms.

Houses in the countryside were a lot more spacious, so this could be reliable to the historian to assess the differences between the lifestyles people in the city and country led. However, the evacuees giggle ‘She thinks we’re poor children’ this suggests to the historian that these children may not be poor as Miss Evans assumed, they might also have come from an upper middle-class family, it was very stereotypical view at this time of WW2 where the people in the country used to think that town people were poor.

This shows a whole new perspective rather than the general thoughts which give the historian a slightly balanced view now. From my own knowledge, some evacuees enjoyed their time, children could have there own private clean and comfortable, they had more baths, education, these are a positive outcomes out of evacuation. This source is useful as it portrays most evacuees faced the same situation of adapting into a new lifestyle.

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