Source Evaluation: Medical Marijuana Essay

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Source Evaluation: Medical Marijuana

In the article “The cannabis conundrum: medication v. regulation” written by Moira Gibbons; in December of 2011, she explains both the beneficial uses and dangers of Medical Marijuana. It is a very enlightening factual editorial, that describes the marijuana plant itself, along with its life changing effects, but also the dilemmas involved with Cannabis. The article gives stupendous knowledge concerning the ongoing continuous battle with Cannabis verse law enforcement and the aiding factors leading to its modern legalization in numerous states.

The article gives close-up views on the possible usage of Medical Marijuana to treat illnesses, but also describes a crime related pattern when dealing with Marijuana dispensaries in legalized states, such as California. From describing what a “bud” of marijuana looks like; and where it comes from, to the medical uses, Gibbons gives us reliable aspects about Cannabis. Gibbons states “Cannabis sativa has numerous narrow, green, razor-edged leaves and can reach heights of four to ten feet or more depending on the subspecies and growing conditions. Marijuana is a relatively pretty plant during the leafing, or vegetative state. However, the female plant morphs into sticky, fuzzy-looking, “snowy” masses of trichomes, or hair-like projections, which are located on the small leaves accompanying the flowering tops, a far cry from garden daisies” (Gibbons 3).

With there being positive, but yet no necessarily proven medical used for Marijuana, research continues daily on seeing whether it’s a advantageous medicine or not. Research has suggested that Medical Marijuana has had positive impacts on certain health conditions such as pain, soreness, nausea, etc… “The IOM report recommended that, under certain conditions, short-term smoked marijuana be used by patients with debilitating symptoms such as intractable pain or vomiting” (Gibbons 15). “Based on the current body of scientific literature, some researchers and physicians may believe that marijuana is a viable drug option for certain medical conditions, if even as second or third line therapy” (39). But with the ancient “Smoking Marijuana cures cancer,” there has been no proven research assisting this belief, “The study concluded that smoking marijuana is not recommended for treatment of any disease condition” (Gibbons 14).

With such an encouraging outlook on the Medical Marijuana industry, negativity still hoovers around the gloomy subject of law enforcement and delinquency-associated activities. “In 1994, the DEA began efforts to assist state and local law enforcement agencies to oppose marijuana legalization” (Gibbons 55). The crime related galvanizes devoted to Marijuana dispensaries continue to intensify rapidly, “The Los Angeles police chief stated in 2010 that banks were more likely to get robbed than medical marijuana dispensaries” (Gibbons 131).

In 2009, the California Police Chiefs Association issued a white paper with sobering details of murders, burglaries, shootings, and theft related to medical marijuana dispensaries, their operators, and patients (Gibbons 122). The founder of two California medical marijuana dispensaries was shot and killed in his home in November 2005, and law enforcement authorities believed it was related to his marijuana cultivation and dispensing (Gibbons 123). Medical marijuana dispensaries throughout California have been subject to attack, with perpetrators stealing marijuana and/or cash in a number of burglaries perpetrated over the years (Gibbons 123).

Overall, this article informs us about the positive usage of Medical Marijuana if it became legal, but also brings us readers, back down to earth when hearing the potential jeopardies of bombardments and risky happenings. Gibbons does a great job with many details, and a vibrant picture of the opportunities of legalizing Marijuana. This article was written years ago, as of new information dealing with the topic has surfaced and new transformations have occurred since. But it does an outstanding job on the pros verse cons of this publically popular subject.

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