Sound Essay Topics


Sound is a mechanical wave an oscillation of pressure transmitted through a solid, liquid, or gas, composed of frequencies within the range of hearing and of a level sufficiently strong to be heard, or the sensation stimulated in organs of hearing by such vibrations. Sound is a sequence of waves of pressure which propagates through… View Article

The Lakota Way

The Lakota tribe introduced many values in this book. Humility (unsiiciyapi), perseverance (wowacintanka), respect (wawoohola), honor (wayuoniban), love (cantognake), sacrifice (incicupi), truth (wowicake), compassion (waunsilapi), bravery (woohitike), fortitude (cantewasake), generosity (camteyuke), and wisdom (woksape) were among the lessons learned throughout this book in the stories told. These stories have been told by grandmothers and grandfathers… View Article

White Noise

White noise is a natural sound that mimics a particular environment to sooth the nerves of adults or even distressed children. The white noise puts them to sleep mainly by drowning other sounds. White noise in the book can be viewed as the technology and the life of Americans, particularly as the noise which drowns… View Article

Audio Processing

-sometimes referred to as audio processing, is the intentional alteration of auditory signals, or sound, often through an audio effect or effects unit. As audio signals may be electronically represented in either digital or analog format, signal processing may occur in either domain. Analog processors operate directly on the electrical signal, while digital processors operate… View Article

The Tell–Tale Heart

Although the narrator in “The Tell–Tale Heart” insists that he is not insane, I believe that he is insane. The madman hears unrealistic sounds. Moreover, he murders an old man with nonsensical reason. The narrator kills the old man because the old man’s eye frightens him. As the narrator says, “One of his eyes resembled… View Article

Aeromedical Factors

One philosophy that some persons question, including a few of our own aviation medical examiners, relates to our greater flexibility in granting special issuances to private pilots as opposed to air carrier and other commercial pilots. The arguments against such flexibility rotate around the thought that, in the event of a medical incapacitation, an air… View Article

The Human Perception of Loudness

Aim: The aim of the experiment was to discover the difference between loudness and sound pressure level, gain knowledge of typical sound level values in common environments and to be able to make rough estimations of what sound level measurements could be in different places. Method: The CEL-440 sound level meter was used to measure… View Article

Reflective Journal

Understanding the barriers that there may be between speaker and listener can shape better communication. Burley-Allen (1995) states awareness is a vital step; it is difficult to change something we are not aware of. The best way to shape better listening habits is to practice effective listening daily. We have to be aware of the… View Article

Sound and Pet Peeve

What is my biggest pet peeve? My pet peeve is incredibly loud noise while i am trying to work on homework. I really dislike when there is any type of noise going on around me, or even in the same house. When there is noise, I will get an incredible head-ache and it distracts me… View Article

Mythbuster Reaction Paper

Never has it transpired in my cognizance how eloquent sound can be and the amazing things it can accomplish. Basically, sound isn’t all about hearing it with the ears and escalating its invisible effects. In the two topics we have witnessed, sound is much more appreciated. Can sound really break a glass? As what I’ve… View Article

Ultrasound in Contemporary Physiotherapy Practice

Abstract Therapeutic Ultrasound is a well established and commonly used practice in the field of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitative sciences. Primarily ultrasound is used in the treatment and repair of soft tissue lesion management used as thermal modality. However in recent practice the non-thermal aspects of Ultrasound as intervention are being employed. Evidence indicates the dose… View Article

Sound in Mission Impossible

The sound element in film is one of its essential aspects which determines if a movie will be a success. It sets the tone, gives emphasis, changes the mood, determines the pace and takes the plot to a higher level. The sound in a movie is as indispensable as its mise-en-scene, editing, cinematography, screenplay, directing… View Article

Sound In The Exorcist

In the film “The Exorcist” the scene where Linda Blair sits up in her bed and speaks in the voice of the devil while other, almost inaudible voice also talk at the same time is a scene where sound overpowers the images. In this particular scene one is initially drawn to the timbre of the… View Article

Sound Waves and Room Acoustics

We generally think of the speakers in our stereo or home theater systems as the final link in the audio chain — and the one that makes the biggest difference to our ears. But there’s much more to the sound we hear than just where you place your speakers in a stereo or home theater… View Article

Listening To Music And Composing

Listening to music and composing my own digital music is my favorite extra-curricular activity. Music makes me feel refreshed and even after a hectic day at work, five minutes of good music helps me relax my nerves instantly. The routine lifestyle rarely leaves much time for my extra-curricular activity. However, I always make sure to… View Article