Sophomore change Essay

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Sophomore change

A major event that has changed my life forever is high school. It has affected my life both negatively and positively. I never expected it to go the way it has gone. I can honestly say that if I could re-do high school all over again, I would. It has been a bumpy road and I wish I had done it completely different. The small events within it have made me realize who my true friends are, look forward the future, and make the best decisions for myself. High school started out a mystery. I had no idea what I was in for. I came into it in a relationship that lasted half of my high school years.

I would not have changed that as a whole, just some of the parts in between. I consider myself as being very naive in the beginning. Freshman year was confusing for everyone. No one knew who his or her real friends were yet. It changed for most everyone. Sophomore year was basically the same, just older. Cliques started forming and more friends were made. I made a lot of mistakes in this time of my life that I would change if possible. I should have been a lot of things but I definitely should have been more considerate. Junior year was pretty much the same.

I started defining who I was. I became more aware of situations and started making better decisions. I feel as if I grew up pretty fast. My parents started trusting me more and letting me experience life a little more freely. Junior year was a learning period of high school for sure. Senior year has been the most challenging year. I started realizing life is starting to get real. Everything counts now. College applications were a hard task. Realizing where you want to spend the next chapter in your life is really mind-altering.

It is confusing yet exciting. This has changed my life drastically. My mind kept changing and changing over again. This was the year I began to realize who my real friends are. A lot of my friends came and went but I have really started to realize that family is what counts the most. High school has changed my life forever. I have lost people that I love and I have gained a great amount of knowledge. I still have no idea where my life will take me but I know that with the right support system, I will get where I am supposed to be.

Family will always be there and friends are sometimes temporary. As these years have passed by, I’ve learned a lot about growing up and taking my life more seriously. I wish I had stepped up and applied myself like I know I could have. I should have taken school more seriously so I would have more options for my future. High school has had its ups and downs. It was the biggest life-changer I have had. I look forward to seeing where the next chapter in my life goes. These past few years have definitely changed my life forever.

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