Sop for Canadian Visa Essay

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Sop for Canadian Visa

I am writing this letter with a request to re-consider my visa application which has been rejected by you on grounds that my previous education is not reasonable with the program I have chosen to study at Vancouver Film School. As you will from the attached certificates, I have done Arena Animation Academy Specialist Program (1 year specialization course) at Arena Animation Academy, Chennai during my Bachelor studies, as I was having keen Interest in 3D Animation and Composing.

I did my Bachelor of Engineering as my parents insisted I have a degree and engineering was their choice for me. I also have about 2 years of work experience in Animation field (1 and half year as freelancer and 7 months as Arista Automation Pvt. Ltd. ) When working I found that the skills I had acquired at Arena Animation Academy were not adequate to meet the requirement for advance Animation & Visual Effects so I can be up to date in this competitive world.

My dad and I did a lot of research talking to people in the animation industry as well as researching on the internet, According to my research until now, advance animation program in Animation & Visual Effects at Indian Institution does not exist. I wanted to study at institution which gives me advance knowledge and exposer to international methods. I looked at websites and did comparisons of Sheridan College, Seneca College, Thinktank Training center, Ringling College of Art and Design, California Institute of the Arts, RMIT and Vancouver Film School for past 1 year.

After all of my research I found that the intensive one year curriculum at Vancouver Film School met all of my requirements. Vancouver Film School is highly acknowledged by all the Animation & Visual Effects studios in India as well as all over the world. I was confident that I would get the best education from world class faculty at Vancouver Film School. They have produced many Oscar nominated Alumni and thus I can get great exposer from the school.

So Please re-consider my application, because studying and working in high profile animation studios like Prana, Tata Elxsi, Crest Animation and lot many high profile studios like this and being part of their film production is my passion and dream. Vancouver Film School is also eligible for a one year Post Graduate Open Work Permit. If I am able to get some exposure in the international market for one year, it would be fantastic and a when I return to India I would definitely get a job in one of the bigger studios here. Please help my dream come true.

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