Сompetition as a Way to Prove Competence

In today’s world, it is obvious that competition has a great role in people’s life. It is one of the popular terms of our education system, business world, and almost in every field. This term is often used in areas including economics, environmental science, sports, and arts. What is the competition? It is an activity to gain or win something. It might be a contest, tournament, match, and game. Also, competition can be defined as a process of the struggle between people or groups to get the thing that nobody has.

Competition can take place between two or more people, organizations, businesses, systems, individuals, or groups. Some researches indicate that competitions can even affect our daily life because people strive for having success so competitions make people passionate and ambitious in every field. It is said that competitions have both advantages and disadvantages. We can encounter with helpful and harmful sides of them. Both advantages and disadvantages share a number of features.

Generally, competitions provide myriad types of advantages. For example, business people defeat for getting a high amount of product. They put an effort into obtaining better inputs and having fame or money. This aim heads them to work harder and try to provide preferable results. Their purpose leads and encourages people. In this process, awareness is created by people. When the competition rises, rivals put more effort to gain success. Assume that you are working in a food company as a boss. Your firm introduced a candy brand and it increasingly demanded.

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You are delighted with your job. But in time, you realize that there is a brandly new trademark which produces similar products to yours. It is obvious that people started to tend to buy that brand and percentages show that this new brand becomes a best seller. This situation makes you work harder. You make an increase on your employers’ payment and you want employers to put more effort to beat that company. Your firm offers higher quality with the same price because in your situation, having fame is more important than earning a higher amount of money. Being preferable set you on harder. Besides, we can see a similar example on electronic devises companies. The same effect is valid for all firms. If one brand starts to be demanded others push the limits to get its place. In this case, the benefit of competition is struggling for having the best and giving a more preferable product to people.

In another situation, we can say that competition increases your performers. You are in a sports team and your group prepares for running races. During the trainings, you notice that your teammates workout really hard and they try to do their best. It drives you to be more effective. When you realize that people can succeed, you also start to put more energy and effort. Willingness to have a go helps you work in a much sufficient way. We can say that teamwork is challenging. The people you work together are competitive and so you attempt to catch them. Group work accelerates the final success, strengthens the individual’s sense of responsibility and gives a sense of competition in individuals. Considering all these strengthening aspects it can be said that, being a part of a team increases the desire of gaining success.

Furthermore, competitions put people in an involving process because people spend time and energy to get the achievement. They determine a goal and goes in that way. Even it cannot be concluded with success, the duration of improvement provides benefits. We can give an example of students in a class. The teacher says that ”The person who gets the highest mark on math exam will win a prize.” Gaining a reward drives students to study more. Among all students, only one of them will have a chance to get the award but at this time other students also put effort and study hard in order to gain a prize. Competition improves and develops students. They have the ability to study and discover their own skills. Challenging competitions allows to students to achieve good results. Maybe, they can not get the highest mark but they learn when they are working. This prize causes higher motivation in students and this method introduce productivity.

On the other hand, excessive competition can make both individuals and teams inefficient. Competitive techniques are used to motivate employees or to increase the level of success in education but sometimes these techniques have greater losses than they might have thought. For instance, in a company competitive approaches are applied by executives to increase efficiency and success among employers, however, they forget that competition motivates some people within a team, but it can demotivate others in some cases. As a result of increasing competition, people who fall back can lose their motivation they start to see themselves worthless. The recovery of a person who feels in this way can take time. Also, in order to be at the forefront, people may behave in a manner that is not ethical because some people have great ambitions and this passion can mislead them. In a competitive environment, sometimes people just focus on the result and they can not realize the effort that they put for success.

Another disadvantage is that, when children are bored in school, teachers are trying to motivate and involve children in the subject by creating a competitive environment in the classroom. Similarly, parents create a competitive environment at home by comparing their children with other children. While this perception of competition motivates children in some points, it has long-term losses. Unfortunately, this situation prevents the development of students. Since the standards are determined by the most successful students, other students have desperate and worthless feelings. As everybody knows in competitions, the achievement is an important factor, so the students are looking for ways to win without learning anything and the child finds himself in an assessment setting, not in an environment of love. A child who is growing in the competitive field tends to see other people as competitors. Students should be compared with themselves, not others. Then they have a chance to develop themselves and see the process of that they did.

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