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Something wicked this way comes Essay

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This book is written by the author ‘Ray Bradbury’ and was published in 1962. It is a story of the two thirteen year boy and there horrifying occurrence. It was a cloudy day when two boys thirteen years old, William and Jim, were out when they met a strange light rod’s salesmen telling them that some kind of storm is coming there way. They then meet the people of there town who also sensed something wrong going to happen. Then they found an advertisement of the shadow show which will take place.

At 3 in the night they saw the hushed amassing of the show.

After the sunrise the carnival begin and there were no problems going in the carnival until a school teacher who said that she saw a girl in the mirror maze that assembled her youth. At dusk, the boys saw two men with tattoos, Cooger and Mr. Dark. Cooger was actually ‘riding a carousel’ (WIKIPIDEA) backwards which actually decreased his age until he was twelve years old.

This was really mysterious. Jim thought that he would be an adult if he spins forward, which was actually the fact as Cooger was an old man when he spins forward, but was forced not to ride, by Williams.

William complained about Cooger in the police but somehow they proved his accusations wrong and they actually set a plan which accused Williams of stealing Miss Foley’s jewelry. Later they found a witch looking for there houses and left a mark at the roof of there houses which was removed by William so that the house couldn’t be found next time. The next day they found Miss Foley at a very young age, crying, and they saw her home isolated and when they came back from the home they found the girl in the hands of the freaks.

They decided to hide from the freaks and in this a man named Charles helped them. Then Charles tells them about the freaks and the reasons behind the freaks actions. While they were talking they heard anyone entering the library. It was Dark who asked help from Charles and when he refused he was beaten and witch came to slow her heart and was unsuccessful as Charles laughed. Dark found the boys and took them to the carnival. Charles then followed him to the carnival and agreed to be the victim and actually smiled which killed witch with shock.

Cooger was collapsed to soil when the freaks tell him to revive on carousel. Later Charles found a small boy who claimed that he was disturbed by dark but later he realizes the boy was Dark himself. He kills him with. The novel ends when the three of them start walking in the dark night. Characters: William was an obedient boy, ready to face difficulties and to help his friends. Jim is considered as rather stupid one who can easily trust anyone and wants to be older. Charles is an old-aged man who helps the boys to be safe. Mr.

Dark is a freak who has tattoos on his body likes to disturb and make unhappy other people. Cooger is a partner to the Dark and helps him in his sin. He is actually violent men. Theme: The theme of the story is to tell people to be aware of the strangers. We should not trust the foreigners as they may be disastrous for us as it proved to be for Miss Foley. They can be unfaithful. They can be thieves. They can also be killers as if they don’t want others to be happy. So we should never trust strangers and should try to avoid them. Final Reactions:

I like this book as it is a new concept for me. It is a horror story and I like horror stories. Another reason for liking it is the suspense of the story and how the story is related to each other is fabulous. The next thing about the story is the strong characters of the story and at the end it is a perfect ending to any horror novel. REFERENCE PAGE: Summary is mostly from-http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Something_Wicked_This_Way_Comes_ (novel) #Plot summary Characters-http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Something_Wicked_This_Way_Comes_ (novel) #Characters

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