Something about Basketball Essay

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Something about Basketball

Good afternoon everybody today is my great honor to be here to give my speech to all of you. My topic is something about basketball. It was my very first time playing basketball when I was in primary school. At that time, I even didn’t regard basketball as a kind of sports; I just enjoy the time playing basketball with my friends after school and that is my happiest time everyday. So now you see the result, I grow higher than others and this should contribute to basketball. Then it turns to high school, I started to watch NBA and get to know something professional about basketball and Iverson is my favorite superstar. Gradually, I found that there were a lot of boys in my class just the same as me. They are addicted to playing basketball and they went downstairs playing it in nearly every break.

It seems that they have more energetic than me but soon I joined them and you can see me in the playground everyday as soon as the class is over. Always we went back to have classes with sweat and forgot having dinner. We love to compete with whomever in the playground and at this time, there would be a lot of girls standing near to cheer for us and you know this is my favorite time and it seems that I have more energy than ever. Because there are lots of guys enjoy playing basketball in our grades, we decided to organize a basketball competition. Every class should set up a basketball team and every team will compete with each other finally there will be only one team win the game. During that time, we prepare for the game madly and everyone of our team uses our whole strength and power to compete against the competitor.

We reached the final destination nearer and nearer and we get more and more excited. You can see a lot of people, especially a lot of girls shouting for us, cheering for us and nearly crying for us. I should say I enjoyed the time. Finally, we got it, we are the number one! I can’t forget the day we got the cup and put it in our classroom. Everyone in my class was so excited and moved and one of my teammate even moved into tears. Since then, basketball becomes one of the most important parts in my life. After all it is high school; we must use all our heart in study so that we can go to a good university and have a bright future. Our pressure has gained gradually as time goes by and when it turns to grade three, we made a decision. The guys in my class decided not to play basketball for one year just in order to prepare for our entrance exam.

I nearly want to cry when we played the basketball for the last time. Can you imagine what a giant sacrifice we have made just for our future? However, we have no choice but spare all our efforts on study. Because we can’t play basketball as before, the only way we can do to keep in touch with it is concern the news of NBA. However, we didn’t have a TV in our classroom, so during every break you can see lot of boys hiding under the desk to surf the internet and seek for the news of NBA.

We will discuss which team is our favorite and what’s the score now and continue keep our eyes on the competition and together avoid being caught by our teacher for the school didn’t allow bringing a cell phone to school. Though being hard, I still enjoy the time when we are getting together. Basketball plays a so important role in my life, not only because I enjoyed the time when playing it, but also it brings me a lot of memory. It let me think about my high school year and the time we experienced together and my buddies. I really miss them! That is all, thanks for listening.

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