Someone Will Always Suffer Because of Conflict Essay

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Someone Will Always Suffer Because of Conflict

Someone Will Always Suffer Because of Conflict:
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Conflict is inevitable, and constantly present in life. Whether it’s obvious and right in front of your face or hidden beneath a pile of lies someone will always suffer because of it. Although that being said, without it- would we truly understand the importance of peace? There are some out there who believe that some of the greatest triumphs and acts of the human spirit were during times of great conflict such as wars and repression’s. But I believe that these events have caused the most horrific demonstrations of human nature in the act of killing the innocent. In Arthur Miller’s tale of Witch hunts conducted in Salem during the 16th century in “The Crucible” he uses it as an allegory to show that sometimes the people who suffer the most during conflict actually are the most innocent.

The story relates to a 1950’s America as Senator Joseph McCarthy would Blacklist innocent people for being “communists” due to little to no evidence and the person having a few opposing traits to him like being Liberal, Chinese, or speaking out against him. The public were okay with this of course, seeing how there was that much fear being spread and rumours of Russian communists taking over the country forced people to do whatever they could to save their “freedom”-even if they had spoken out against McCarthy for what he was doing, they probably would have been blacklisted themselves. This suffering relates back to the innocent people in Salem who refused to confess that they were Witches and were therefore jailed and some executed. The people who remained as not charged of being a witch still refused to speak out as they would be charged and persecuted also. More than one person suffered when it came to these conflicts, and it is sad to see how regardless that these two events in history were close to 400 years apart- human kind hadn’t changed, but instead repeated itself. If you were to look at any event in history where conflict was present you would definitely see suffering.

During the holocaust the sufferers weren’t just the allies or Axis who lost their lives fighting- there were also the 6 million Jewish men, woman and even children who were slayed down as if they were sheep and gassed for being nothing more than them- selves. This wasn’t just suffering this was cruelty and an inhuman part of another greater conflict at the time. Also the suffering wasn’t over when the war finished either. It was at this time after the war when Joseph McCarthy was placed as Senator and another whole decade of innocent people’s suffering began. Also prior to WWII when the conflict seemed to be “resolved” after World War I the great depression hit and even more people suffered due to it.

The USA basically went into repression where and Americans found it ridiculously difficult to find work and make an income. In all these events in the 20th Century alone there were so many innocent sufferers because of a conflict that was greater than them, how can it be that there can be conflict without suffering? In the ongoing conflict of terrorism, one event stands out from the rest when it comes to the media, purely because of the severity and how big the statement of the crime committed was. In total, almost 3000 innocent people were killed in the September 11 attacks when two planes hit the World Stock Exchange in New York.

These people were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and due to a greater conflict between their government and the terrorist group Al Qaeda they were the victims. There were many wars and other conflicts that spread from this event which have led to the deaths of thousands of other innocent people-the question shouldn’t be “Will someone always suffer because of conflict” it should be “When will we stop suffering because of conflict”. Ultimately, it is clear that someone will always suffer because of conflict. Whether the conflict’s a war, a fight with your best friend or even your favourite team losing the grand final someone will always suffer because of it. But this does not matter. Because of suffering people will always try to overcome conflict and one day this world can have as minimal, unnecessary conflict as possible and people can work together to live in peace with one another.

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