Some students like classes where teachers lecture in class

Other students prefer classes where students do some of the talking. Which type of class do you prefer? Give specific reasons and examples to support your choice. From past 10 years, I have experienced a number of teachers who are in various class teaching styles. On one side, parts of the students like their teacher do a lecture in class. On the other side, a large number of students prefer to do some talking rather than just listening. From my perspective, taking in class is really necessary for students to improve themselves.

First of all, it is very important for students if they can talk and communicate with the teacher and classmates in class. That way, they can learn more from each other and improve work efficiency. As we all know, different people have their own distinct standpoints for a same problem. Listening to the speaking of other students, the listeners can follow the track and reach various viewpoints. Moreover, the strongpoint of other’s will correct listeners ‘drawbacks, enrich their consideration and mature their thoughts.

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Everyone wants such a precious chances to study.

My best friend team is always willing to interact or exchange ideas with others. By this way of learning, he learns a lot from others and remedies his disadvantages. Now, he is one of the top students in our class. That’s really helpful for everyone to improve not only the knowledge, but also their confidence. What they have done in the class has so many benefits in their development road.

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For example, one of the most influential celebrities of this generation named KaiFu Lee likes to talk and give special points in the class.(from Chengdu Evening News reporter Wang Xingqu) Sometimes his opinion maybe not right, but he keeps his way in the class with the encouragement of the teacher. His imagination was greatly boosted and knowledge was highly enriched because he insisted on communicating with the teacher for every class. From his successful example, I believe that the more you communicate with the teacher, the more knowledge you will own.

Secondly, active learning is better than passive learning, and therefore students should speak more in the class. For an active student, everyone should involve himself/herself in the class, only talking and cooperate with each other can prove that. To my personal knowledge, most of my classmates like listening to teachers. They came into the room, open their books, then sit quietly and take some notes. Chinese students seldom ask questions because they don’t want to seem stupid. At the end of the class, students are given a test, we will get a good grade if we listen carefully and can repeat what the teacher said just now. Students might lose motivation in the study if they keep studying in this way. Every teacher can give a good lecture, but is not the proper way to educate because it’s only passive learning by receiving the theory. Talking is better than listening is the same as the action is better than passive. Thirdly, students’ participation makes the class more lively and interesting. I can hear not only my teacher’s opinion on a subject, but also a large part of my classmates. This often leads to a meaningful discussion. We should also realize that the class is not only the form to deliver knowledge from teacher to students, it is also a process to stimulate new idea. For instance, one of my teachers shared his opinion on this.

He said that he learned a lot from his students in the class while they were discussing. Students can generate new ways to look at things and they created new ideas very quickly during the process they communicate. These new ideas not only improved his way to do research, but also helped him improve his teaching skill. After twenty years’ accumulation, most of his teaching method and material was originated from his students. Besides, he said he realized that his students became more active thinkers. (from our chemistry teacher Cuiyong’s personal experience) Obviously, if teachers just focus on his own talk in the class, there will be much less possibility to create new ideas and it is impossible to stimulate critical thinking.

Overall, from what have been discussed above, it may naturally draw to the conclusion that students do some talking in class would not only make the class more active, but also enable either students to learn more effectively. With all of these advantages, I am convinced that a class that encourages student participation is the best learning environment for everyone.


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