Some People Believe That Competitive Sports

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Sport is an useful subject for kids in main and secondary school. Some sports at school are running, swimming or long jump and many of them are not so competitive. Some individuals think that competitive sports are no need in the school’s program. Nevertheless, in my viewpoint, they are crucial for kids’s advancement. Firstly, nobody can deny that sport will help people keep fit and stay healthy. Doing sport everyday can make the heart healthier and burn the excess energy of the body.

It also avoid people from danger of weight problems and heart attack. In addition, sport make their brain more active. As a result, people might study or work much better. In kids, sports are important for the advancement of physical and psychological health. Sports bring benefits in strength, height and stature for kids. For all of these benefits, sports need to be taught at school. Nevertheless, competitive sport take a more crucial function in kids education.

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There is so boring and not exciting for running or swimming alone. Consequently, when children compete with their friends, they are motivated to try more. Besides, sports also increase their communication. When children take part in some competitive sports like football, volleyball or basketball, they have to build up a team work. As a result, they are forced to make friend. After that, they talk as well as understand deeply about each others.

In addition, playing sports will teach them a practical lesion of winning or losing after the contest.

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When they win, they will be more confident to go ahead. However, as they are losers, they must stand up and try for the next one. It is very necessary for children to improve themselves by step. Overall, competition sometimes makes children feel stressful and tired; however, competitive sports are necessary for them to improve their abilities As a result, it is the vital key to go to the success in the future. (318 words).

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Some People Believe That Competitive Sports

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