Some Challenges Online Students Have Faced during COVID-19

Due to the pandemic schools are promptly going online to limit the overwhelming number of cases. While overcoming one problem another is produced. Being healthy is one hundred percent more important than being in person with your teachers and peers but online school is definitely more challenging than in-person school.

Maintaining the emotional and personal motivation to put in so much effort is getting harder and harder as the year progresses. More relentless pressure is forcibly imposed on students to be and do better but it’s now unmotivating.

More exceptional standards are being pushed on students and the more it is the greater the chances we want to give up are. Sure some might efficiently utilize it as a way to be better but most will think the academic standards are unrealistically high for them to reach.

Merely expecting everything to go smoothly is naive; something is inevitably bound to go wrong. Whether it is merely a site not working or a computer malfunctioning nothing is perfect.

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Students shouldn’t be held accountable for things that they can’t control, sure some may undoubtedly lie and inevitably make up paltry excuses but the many outweigh the few.

The stress present when in school normally is towered over by online schools excessive stress. Students are now relying on their teachers, peers, self-teaching, and apps to pass. Even at that point, some are still struggling to merely pass and sufficiently learn the concepts. It is simple just to ask the teacher for needed help but the nervous anxiety is just too overwhelming for some.

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The pandemic has created a lot of stress and anxiety for students. Both teachers and students need to work together to make this all a little easier on them.

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