Some Amazing Details about Open Source Technology

Do you Know, Why Open Source Technology Platforms are on booming Trends? If you are know so its well, but no then this article represents massive information about Open Source Technology. A few years ago, every business owners had developed their Website in static form or other Programming Platform. But, At Present they want Open source Platform to create web Application or Website, so what is special think that make it better.

Open Source is a web Tool used to develop Desktop Applications, Enterprise Applications, E-commerce Website, social Networking Website, online shopping carts site, educational website, etc…One of the main advantages of Open source Technology is that it is a free, so everyone can download it from internet without give any enterprise rights.

Open source applications are widely accepted and used in various level of the small as well as large business because it reduces development Cost. There are number of Open Source Platform use in web Development such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Zen Cart, Magento etc… Here represent various Open source use and their benefits:

WordPress: it is a very powerful and most widely accepted blogging platform.

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WordPress work with PHP Programming language and MySQL database. It has many features and functionality in the form of Plug-in and extension. It is widely used to develop personal blog and Websites.
Drupal – it is best Open Source CMS used as a back-end system for websites. It is a widely used in educational and business based web development.

Joomla – Using Joomla CMS, You can develop best E-commerce Websites.

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There are lot of features includes in Joomla such as page caching, RSS feeds, news flashes, blogs, polls, print pages, search, and international language support.

Zen Cart – it is highly reliable and user-friendly CMS, widely used to develop online product & services management system. It supports XHTML template system which allows facility to be customized easily without knowing any programming language.

Magento – it is best Open source Platform, widely used to develop online shopping cart websites. It is most suitable for professional online shop. It can provide extensive functionality at open source level

Not only above Platform but all Open Source like Radiant.PHP Nuke, DotNetNuke, eZ Publish Platform offer all these kind of services in their area. Advantage of Choose Open Source Technology.
• User-friendly and configurable user-interface
• Easier to customize
• Open editing of the source codes.
• Stability – it can run on all operating system and old hardware
• More secure and constantly increasing the Web quality
• Lower total cost of ownership
• Reduced dependence on software vendors
• Industry standards based architecture

If you are planning to develop user-interactive website or blog then Open Source Technology is best alternative for your web development Project.

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