Some advantages and disadvantages of internet Essay

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Some advantages and disadvantages of internet

The internet which was once just a little puddle, now, have become an ocean; an ocean of knowledge. It is like a magical crystal ball which has an answer for every question of yours and the best thing about it is; it is completely free. I know how much I have learnt from the internet. How internet is better than books when it comes to knowledge? The answer to this would be the infinity of the internet. Plus, apart from this, learning from internet is much more fun. You have all kinds of videos about basically every topic that you can imagine of. Disadvantages

If availability of knowledge helps people to do good things, it is also, a help for evil. There are thousands of websites which tells you ways to make a bomb or how to commit suicide. People even learn how to hack websites from the internet. Communication Advantages Another amazing thing about the internet is the communication that it makes possible. Most of the business firms communicate with each other with the help of e-mails. It is not only a faster way but also the safer way too. With internet you can video chat with a person who might be in some other continent as of yours.

Disadvantages We are getting so use to of virtual communication that we are lacking a physical contact with our acquaintances. It is separating us from the real world around us, which I think smothers the development of personality of an individual. Smaller World Advantage Due to internet our world is becoming smaller and smaller. Computers which are connected to internet are connected to each other. This facilitates the transfer of a file or even a folder from one computer to another. Disadvantage Due to this connection your personal data can be stolen from your computer.

Various kinds of virus, malware, and spyware enter your computer via internet. Convenience Advantages With the help of the internet we can do almost everything at home. We can do everything from paying bills to buying airline tickets, from finding jobs to ordering stuff. It sure saves us lots of time in this busy and competitive world. Apart from this, it also saves us energy so that you can put that energy to more productive things. Disadvantages Like every technology, internet too reduces your effort but in return it takes a toll on your health.

As you can get practically everything sitting at your home you don’t go around physically. So, your physical activity goes to nil. I believe any type of transaction that you do on internet is unsafe. Hackers can suck all of your life’s savings if you use internet banking services. Virtual Information Advantage With more people relying on internet for getting information the usage of books will also reduce. This will decrease deforestation and will prove eco-friendly. Disadvantage If people will choose internet over books this will increase the energy consumption.

Jobs & Business Advantage Thousands of people are using internet to get their bread and butter. There are all types of jobs available on the internet from data entering to translation. Websites and blogs are solely internet based businesses and from what I know people are earning quite a healthy amount of money from it. You just need an idea and great determination to pull it off. Disadvantage To tell you the truth I don’t think there is a valid disadvantage to this but if I be a little strict a low wage might be one.

I some cases, it depends upon the country in which you reside American and Europeans are paid highest. Entertainment Advantage I think more than anything mentioned above entertainment is the thing for which the internet is used. You can find almost every song made anywhere in the world on the internet and same is for movies. All sorts of multiplayer games can be played with an opponent who might be on the other side of the world; thanks to internet. Disadvantage Internet has encouraged the concept of piracy.

Due to this, the individual or the production house or the music label that produces a particular piece of music/movie/video game ends up with a hole in their profits. Asking a question Advantage If there is a question in your mind of which no answer can be found neither in the books nor on the internet itself then, there are lots of sites available in which you can put a question and there will be millions of people answering it. As you don’t need to reveal any identity to do so; you can ask the most embarrassing questions. Disadvantage

Most of the people answering these questions are not qualified professionals. This leads to lot of myths spreading around. Data Storage Advantage There are lots of sites on which you can store your vital data by paying a small rent of the hard disk that it takes. For very important things like wedding video or pictures which you don’t want to lose can be stored there because crashing of the hard drive is not a very rare sight now a days. Disadvantage We have seen endless number of times in history that these kinds of sites have been compromised by hackers.

This creates a fear in the mind of users about the secrecy of their content. Social networking sites Advantages Social networks have changed our lives. It is like a virtual world. I personally think if you have an account in a social networking website then you are never alone. There is always something happening. I think the best part of social networking websites is, they can sometimes work like a support group because I feel someone can tell what they feel and people listen to it. It is like an outlet for your emotions, which, if kept inside screws an individual mind.

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