Solutions to UK Prison Overpopulation

The UK prison population is currently at an all time high, resulting in over – crowded prisons. Describe and evaluate at least two possible solutions to this problem. The overcrowding of prisons has become a serious problem in the Great Britain. This leads to forcing prison officials to release criminals breaking the parole conditions. There is a great number of violent prisoners among these “free people”. Due to the deficiency of monitoring and probation system former prisoners prone to commit new crimes.

The same situation is in the prison zones. Prison officials can be leave alone with a lot of prisoners because of there are lack of supervisors per large number of criminals. Everyone acknowledge that it leads to bad situations, when people are living in very close space sharing a cell, such as conflicts with unsafe levels, mental diseases and disorders of criminals.

As a consequence, the UK Government has entire responsibility to handle this trend to optimal solutions and outcomes.

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There are two most considerable solutions to prison overcrowding problem: improving conditions in the UK prisons and reforms to reduce the length of sentences for insignificant and trivial crimes. Prison overcrowding can make significant contribution to the increase level of prison violence and prisoners’ health problems. Of course, most of these drawbacks can be resolved by expanding area of particular prisons, but this measure can touch upon interests of locals. Nobody wants to live in immediate vicinity to place where are kept people presenting danger to the community. As a result, most effective solution is improving criminals’ maintenance conditions.

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For example, to restrict problems with violence in prisons caused by overcrowding officials can separate criminals with specific reference to their level of danger.

As a result, less dangerous persons do not require enhanced security in comparison with cruel murderers or maniacs. The second measure that can be done is not to allow an entirely elimination of space for educational, religious and recreational activities. This can lead to increase of residents’idleness and their stressed and hostile feelings. The third way to ameliorate prison inhabitants’ well-being is increase of level of staff quality. It can be essential part of suitable prison habitation due to fact that at least all bad situations are caused by ineffective communication and disrespectful relationships between staff members and criminals. The increase of prison inhabitants is also caused by “slow” prison system. There are many reforms directed to change a situation with UK prisons. Nonetheless, all political measurements must make a clarification in the concept of sending in jail. So, there must be wide range of alternatives to sending offenders in jail decreasing prison population.

Firstly, most punishments for light and minor offences can be replaced by merely public works instead of to live among true criminals and recidivists. Secondly, people who are not-sentenced should not be closed in prison before the judge decision which, obviously, increase number of prison inhabitants. It is obvious that most people think that jail overcrowding should be the least of a prisoner’s troubles. Nevertheless, it necessary to understand that all expenditure comes from taxes of the UK citizens. Therefore, all people must be involved in improving crowded situation in prisons. Without public support any of legislative measurements cannot be achieve. It is easy for community to say that simply building more prisons would solve everything. At the same time, the origin of this problem is not how many prisons today in the UK, but what number of people sent there for really serious infringement of the law and on what terms.

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