Solutions To Environmental Pollution Environmental Sciences Essay

It is believed that globalisation has legion benefits to the economic system of China. In recent decennaries, China has witnessed rapid economic growing due to economic reforms. Its GDP has increased by more than seven percent per annum. However the fact that globalisation negatively affects the environment can non be ignored. Apparently China is witnessing serous environmental jobs. Not merely do these jobs impair the advancement in the economic development but besides have harmful effects on the peoples ‘ wellness. The authorities of China can see explicating clear policies, educate the multitudes refering these issues and utilizing engineering to undertake these jobs.

Some of the pollutions that need to be tackled include ; H2O, dirt and air pollution.

T1. Soil Erosion

1. Background

Globalization has had a important consequence on the dirt. This is because it causes deforestation which so leads to dirty eroding. The terminal consequence is desertification. Desertification for case is caused by different grounds depending on the country. They include population force per unit area, socioeconomic factors, policy, and international trade every bit good as land usage forms.

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Globalization decreases land productiveness hence taking to debasement. As people clear woods so as to make infinite for mans activities like urbanisation and agribusiness, the land is left bare. There is nil to keep the dirt together. Such land is prone to dirty eroding which if it persists could take to desertification. Erosion degenerates land hence doing it less productive. For farming activities lower the dirt organic affair. This normally causes hapless dirt construction hence increasing the exposure of the dirt to eroding.

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China is widely known for its extended excavation activities. There activities have rendered the land bare and hence makes it vulnerable to eroding.

2. Solutions:

To undertake this job, the authorities needs to educate the multitudes on the dangers of deforestation and the importance of seting trees. The excavation activities are supposed to be controlled so as to forestall the job from intensifying. Peoples need to be taught on the best agriculture processes that will render the dirt vulnerable to eroding. Gabions could besides be built in countries that are adversely affected by the job of eroding.

T 2. Land pollution


Land pollution occurs when risky wastes are disposed on the land. Such substances could be urban wastes, agricultural chemicals, fertilisers, industrial wastes and radioactive substances. “ Such chemicals contaminate the land surface every bit good as the dirt and hence may render the land unsuitable for farming ” ( Engelking 2007, p. 52 ) . This occurs when the urban waste affair is discriminately dumped. The excavation processes may besides lend to the procedure. Such chemicals can take to respiratory jobs, skin complications, birth defects, and even malignant neoplastic disease ( Engelking, 2009 ) .


The job of land pollution can be tackled by educating the Citizens of China on the jeopardy posed by littering the environment. The points that are used domestically could be recycled or reused. Peoples should dispose the waste affair in the right mode. Organic waste has to be disposed in non residential countries while the inorganic affair should be recycled.

T3. Water pollution


This involves the taint of H2O organic structures. This sort of pollution affects organisms and workss in these H2O organic structures. This amendss single species every bit good as the biological communities. This signifier of pollution occurs whenever pollutants are discharged into the organic structures without undergoing intervention to take the harmful compounds. Sing the fact that China is an industrialised state, mills often opt to dispatch their affluent into these H2O organic structures. About 90 % of the metropoliss in China suffer from H2O this sort of pollution.

Some of the organic H2O pollutants include detergents, trichloromethanes, and nutrient processing waste, weedkillers and insect powders, crude oil volatile organic compounds. Most of the inorganic pollution is caused by S dioxide, ammonium hydroxide, chemical wastes, fertilisers, heavy metal substances and silt ( Hart, 2007 ) .


This job can be checked by handling those wastes that are deposited to the H2O organic structures. The sewerage systems in particularly in urban centres should be kept in good status so as to forestall the organic waste from dribbling into the H2O organic structures. Erosion control steps should be employed to minimise the surface run-off. Farmers need non to overdrive the agricultural chemicals.

T4. Air Pollution


Air pollution involves the emanation of toxic exhausts into the air. Everyone in manner contributes to air pollution in his/her capacity. Carbon dioxide is among the chief pollutants of the air. This gas forms a large per centum of the gases that are emitted in many mills across China. Combustion of fossil fuels and deforestation greatly contribute towards the increased degrees of this gas in the ambiance. It is besides emitted during any volcanic activity. It is a major subscriber towards planetary heating. Most cars, air jets, and Marine vass besides release fume to the ambiance. Other pollutants include Aerosol sprays, atomic exhausts. Other unsafe gases that pollute the air include C monoxide and Sulfur dioxide. “ Air pollution can do acerb rain, which occurs whenever sulfur dioxide combines with Nitrogen dioxide ” ( Hart 2006, p. 62 ) .


This job can be fixed through cut downing the figure of cars, recycling merchandises, avoiding so much of the fire cracker usage ; Companies have to handle the gases before they release them into the ambiance.

All these signifiers of pollutions can be reduced if the authorities will ordain and implement policies that are geared towards cut downing the pollution. Companies should encompass societal corporate duty by encompassing environmental friendly policies. Globalization in general should be embraced carefully because some of its effects could be really harmful to humanity.

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