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Сollege Students' Goals and Dreams

Many people say that education is not the only way to succeed, and a degree is not important. The first evaluation criterion of a recruiter is an individual’s competence. Additionally, college is wasting time and money. However, over the last century, the world has changed since Artificial Intelligent and technology are becoming a part of humans and replacing many industries. For this reason, many jobs have required a college education, and people have to change to adjust under the impact of economics and technologies.

There are three benefits of going into college including more independence, an opportunity for a dream, and a key to society.

First of all, students will become more independent when they attend college. According to “Two Years Are Better Than Four”, the author emphasizes, “That is the understanding – that you will grow up a little bit with your first English class, a bit more with your first psychology class, a whole lot more with your first biology, physics, chemistry” (50, 2007).

College students will learn time management skills and organizational ability. For example, a student has to make a study plan for an exam or finish an assignment before the deadline in other to pass the course. Students learn to take responsibility for their behavioral choices, respecting rules, and policies. Moreover, College students have a chance to test their limits. Under the pressure of assignments, quizzes, and exams in college, students will figure out that they are capable of so much more than they think they can be.

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Second, an individual’s dream turns in to reality thanks to attending college. According to “Two Years Are Better Than Four”, Addison says that “Implicit in this belief is the understanding that anything and everything is possible” (22, 2007). Everyone has a dream even though a toddler who can barely talk still has the slightest idea of what he or she wants in life. For example, some want to become a singer, a doctor, a lawyer, or even a President of the United State. One can dream all day long about something but not everybody knows where to start and how to reach an aim. Therefore, individuals may feel confused about their dream and give it up. People need instruction to achieve their goals, and college provides a foundation to determine one’s career and what one needs or how to go.

Finally, students have an opportunity to get into society. According to “Two Years Are Better Than Four”, Addison says “In my case, my life became proportional to my education” (34, 2007). Everyone will be treated equally in college no matter their background, race, or color of skin. Students can make some friends who come from many countries around the world that make them more understand and have a point of view of the diversity of many cultures.

Besides, a campus in college is its world that not only for studying but also an extensive variety of activities. Many clubs on campus make student explore their abilities. Students have a chance to step out of the box and start to do something outside their comfort zones. Participate in activities, contests, and clubs are very useful for students to improve their soft skills. That is a good environment for them to establish more beneficial relationships in the future.

In conclusion, college still matters. It provides a basis for students to prepare for their lives such as more independence, the opportunity for the dream, and key to the society. College is not in vain, and degrees may not be important, but they are not unnecessary. At least, it is a chance to become successful.

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