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Solar System Essay Examples

Essay on Solar System

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Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: Differences in Character

he women’s work is to inspire and make it pleasant for men to bring catch to home. Men are hunters while women are tempters. Women are creators of cosiness while men are defenders of it. In conclusion, we can say that men and women are really from different planets because they have different level of fearlessness and sweetness. They have different emotional range and different role in society, ...

Planet Mercury

Mercury for the most part is a rocky planet along with Earth and Venus. Mercury is made mostly of iron, with a thin rocky layer on it surface. If you look at the model of Mercury, you will see many craters on its surface. The planet has been hit many times throughout its existence by asteroids and other flying objects. Those impacts resulted in a plenty of craters covering its surface. It is belie...

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The next 50 years for environment


Life in Outer Space - Lets explore

In science that is called Ocidebtal thinking, "Some actual facts, presented to you in a convincing way, now no one can convince you otherwise" Mind & body, 1999thinking about all of, which goes on in the space fascinated me once too, but when I think of disasters happening to our astronauts and for one, example Kalpana Chawlas space ship which was blown to pieces due to some miscalculation and...

Adavantages and disadvantages of space tourism

It is a squander of money and time Instead, if that same amount is given to the people who are suffering from famine and natural disasters, magnanimously we can make our world a better place for people of different standards. Space tourism is also affordable to a few. Even one trip to space takes over hundred thousand dollars. This results in different problems between the rich and poor .furthermo...

Earth from Space

Moments like those experienced by the astronauts give us accounts of how our planet looks like, including its more general land, water and atmospheric features which, when taken altogether, offer a comprehensive understanding of the only “living” planet in the solar system thus far. Reference Hamilton, C. J. (1997). Earth from Space. Retrieved July 4, 2008, from http://www. solarviews. com/eng...

Triggered by the “Kolombusus-21’s exhibition”

Pushing the readers to believe that we can grow as a society, through the funding space travel ‘Wake-up, Yvette’ by Dr Laikis, opens with a pun on Yvette’s title , suggesting that he must literally wake up from his dream, as it will only be a dream. By using this humorous tone, draws his reader to believe that Yvette’s ‘dream’ absorbed and childish. He follows with ‘when did governm...

Informal Writing

In my own experience, writing emails, blogs and other messages are enjoyable and at the same time provide an easier means of communicating with other people especially those from far places. I also enjoy writing poems and short stories when I have free time. In this course, I am hoping that I learn more about writing as an every day activity and probably gain more experiences about writing. I thin...

Seven wonders of the world

Sixth wonder is the Paricutin volcain. The Paricutin eruption took place between February 1943 and February 1952. The Paricutin volcano grew out of a cornfield. The worst of Paricutin's volcanic activity, took place in 1943. Last wonder is Victoria Falls. Victoria Falls is located on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe and is one of the world’s most spectacular natural wonders. Even though it...


A comet is not like anything anyone has seen before. It is a starkly fascinating, and amazing visual experience, evoking passions of fear, anxiety, admiration, wonder, and bewilderment to the enlightened and unenlightened observer. Comets, especially those that are bright enough to be seen with the naked eye, continue to fascinate the Earth’s population. With 2013 being deemed “Year of The Com...

The Origin of the Solar System

The condensation process is expected to arise in other stars which are starting or in the early age of the protoplanet theory. Evidences are gathered with regard to the formation of circumstellar disks to some stars in our galaxy such as Vega, Formalhaut, Lyrae, and many more. Another exciting discovery is that Vega has a circumstellar disk with a radius twice the distance of Pluto from the sun (E...

Stargazing and Solar Viewing

Meteorites are classified into three types based on their composition: Iron, Stony, and Stony-iron. Iron meteorites have densities of about 7.8 g/mL and contain on average 91% iron, 8% nickel and 0.6% cobalt. Stony meteorites have densities of about 3.4 g/mL and average contain 42% oxygen, 20.6% silicon, 15.8% magnesium, and 15.6% iron, no other element exceeding 2%.Stony-iron meteorites are inter...

Venus (Research Paper)

14 In these given data, we can say that Venus is not just a mere planet revolving around the Sun, but a planet full of mysteries. It may not awaken our senses but it can poke our curiousity by asking question of what’s and how’s about her. In the science advancement today, more facts will be known about Venus. Powerful radar and other instruments will probe its thick clouds, mapping the surfac...

Interstellar Travel

The psychological effects of such an extended period of travel would potentially still pose a problem. ” (Wikipedia), “A robotic space mission carrying some number of frozen early stage human embryos is another theoretical possibility. This method of space colonization requires, among other things, the development of a method to replicate conditions in a womb, the prior detection of a habitabl...

Pluto Paper

Discovered in 1930, Pluto orbits the Sun, has three moons, has an atmosphere, has weather, and even polar caps. It is not that much different than any of the other planets. It has been known as a planet for more than 75 years, and to change its status with a poor definition and process is bad science. Pluto has earned the right to be a planet; it has been for years and for a few men to say it’s ...

After earth review

However, there got some scenes that General Cypher can observe his son from front view. This was no logic because the camera was set at the back of Kitai. In this review we have discussed Will Smith's movie "After Earth". Smith’s review covers several points such as human can fly on the sky. He show us the moral value about the love of a father. He also claim that space does not contain oxygen a...

The Role And Importance Of The Sun Philosophy

The sun is a powerful and prominent star in our solar system. The sun does so much for Earth; life cannot carry on without it. The sun provides us with so much and the more we understand the sun the more we are able to advance from our findings. We are able progress in our society and live better lives as we know where to use our resources. As time proceeds, we may find findings to overcome the ne...

The Feasibility of Transport Outside of Our Solar SystemOn April

Current methods of transport around our solar system are unlikely to be able to be used for transport outside of our solar system. Using this method we are limited by the Tsiolkovsky rocket equation and when the distances are scaled up to the vast distances across our solar system the time is too long, and the cost is extortionate. It is important to consider that although slow, this method would ...

Economic Analysis of a Stand-Alone Solar System for an Off-Grid Village Shop

Sunlight based photovoltaic is an innovation that changes over sun's radiation into usable direct current(DC) power by utilizing semi-conductors. Approaching photons from the sun interface with semi-conductors so as to create an electric flow. Semi-conductors are additionally used to develop the sun powered PV cell. A section of unadulterated silicon is utilized. The highest point of the chunk is ...

Interstellar celestial body

Based on the change in brightness, it was concluded that it should be about 80 meters to 800 meters in size, like a rod. I mean, like a cylinder. Because of its red color, it was thought to be covered with carbon-rich materials. Released in November 2018, 'could solar Radiation press release 'Oumuamua's Peculiar Acceleration? according to the article " solar radiati...

Space Exploration

As this discussion concludes, there are a series of things that one has to keep into perspective. These are for one, human exploration of outer space and studying various celestial bodies, do help us human beings to understand our bodies and their functions in space. Therefore, as humans, we are able to nurture new medicines, materials, and ways to provide water and improve food production in orde...

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