Solar Energy Switch Fuel Substitution

Switching to solar is a great way to save money in a cheap way since 1977 solar panel costs have fallen by 99% that’s almost like people should go and buy solar panels. We have been using solar as far back as 7th century B.C. when history told us people used magnifying materials to light fires and in the 4th century B.C. when the Romans and Greeks used mirrors to reflect light onto torches for religious ceremonies. Solar energy is the collection, storage, and distribution of conducted energy from the sun.

Back in 2014, the International energy agency estimated that solar could supply 27% of global energy generation by 2050.

Switching from traditional fossil fuels to solar may seem implausible but with all the positives backing it would seem solar would be used more. A positive to switching is it could forward new developments in tech. The auto industry would want to develop new solar or electric cars to match the decline in oil use.

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Which in turn will help other industries like mobile companies might make a solar charger which can keep people connected and outdoors. Solar plants are cheaper to maintain and produce than oil plants.

Most oil companies pay $40-$70 million a year just on maintenance alone wall, on the other hand, maintaining solar panels is from $150-$330, or professional panel cleaning companies charge $15-$35 per panel. The environment also plays a role in this by being harmed by the gas and water pollution that’s caused by burning fossil fuels.

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Using oil on the solar side of these solar panels creates no pollution or waste to speak of. So with all this power oil and fossil fuels are making it would seem the solar would be out of the competition. But for the average consumer, it would be a better choice for their bills by storing and using electricity made by your panels your electric bill will lower each year the more you use. With all the savings on costs and nature, you’re making it would certainly be better than fossil fuels and oil.

Most people think that oil is too integrated into our daily lives we couldn’t replace it but with oil being limited and running out we need to switch to something. Some say solar is a bad switch being the collecting process is highly dependent on how much sunlight is hitting the panel which is bad for the panels out in rural areas to self-sustain 1 or 2 homes. If we have solar plants that connect to houses even all the way out in those rural areas it will still be able to reach them since the speed of electrons is close to the speed of light. Others say that weather also plays a big role in how well panels collect energy. Cloudy weather and high temperature lower the efficiency of solar panels like fog and mist but if we place panels in cold and clear places they will be more efficient and we can store energy and ship it to other places which can give economic growth to a country.

With all the arguments on the pages before I will now present my largest positive to switching to solar which is the infinite power source that solar conducts from. The sun is a powerful star that has been giving us light for ages but now we can take the light the sun is giving us to create power for as long as we need. The sun produces 1.728e+13watts per hour or enough to power 2880 trillion 60watt light bulbs for 24 hours a day. Back in 2018, the U.S. Energy Information Administration conducted a study on what energy producer is at the top in the U.S. with oil making 0.6% of the shared total and solar making 1.5% of the shared total. Sunlight is a great producer of power for us we just have to transfer it.

Switching to solar is a great way to save money in a cheap way since 1977. Lots of companies and industries can benefit from solar in many ways with new and better power and newer tech. Some people still say solar is a bad switch with how conditional it is but that can be fixed if we place them in the right spots. The source of solar is sunlight is certainly powerful enough to give us more energy than we need. Therefore I have stated my reasons for switching to solar.

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