Solar Energy Essay

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Solar Energy

What is Solar Energy? Solar Energy is radiant energy emitted by the sun that has been harnessed by humans to use for power. The first solar power station was set up around 1913 in Egypt by an American engineer Franc Shuman. His model was simply a predecessor to those of which are in use today that convert Sun’s rays directly into power. Solar panel’s works by using the photovoltaic effect, the photovoltaic effect involves a creation of voltage or electric current with the absorption of light.

Solar energy is capable of having paid for itself shortly after initial purchase. On average it was found that energy bills of single family homes went down about 50$ after the installation of solar panels. The savings can vary depending on the size of building that would be equipped with the panels. With these panels the general thought would be “why spend so much money on something there’s no guarantee will last?. Solar panels have been known to last for 40 years without flaw. Thusly any investment made into the panels is surely to result in a deducted power bill. Once solar panels are purchased resident owners in a sense have infinite free energy.

A benefit of solar energy is the location of where is may be situated. In urban areas solar panels can be fitted to rooftops as not to affect any recreational areas. For larger solar farms, great sized lots must be purchased in rural areas just to accommodate the mass number of panels. With the addition of solar panels properties can be run on and off the grid, meaning they do not have to be in connection with local power lines.

Solar energy has been found to have zero emissions. It is a renewable source of energy. As with any project in which raw materials are used there will be some adverse effects on the environment. Solar energy has a minimal risk of failure other than that its productivity relies closely on the weather. Such as on cloudy, overcast days the collection of power will be much less than on scorching sunny days. With the assistance of solar panels the releasing of harmful carbon emissions can be stopped.

Taking into account the three positive factors mentioned, no harmful emissions, can be located almost anywhere whether that be rural or urban landscapes and that it pays for itself. It is no wonder that solar energy is one of the most widely sought after energy types, solar energy is being used everywhere and anywhere to power things. It can be harnessed to supply power to a small phone charger or a large solar race car In comparison to other energy types solar energy is one of the cleanest methods to use.

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