Software for Human Services Organization Essay

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Software for Human Services Organization

Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services is an organization that services the mental health population. This population has continued to grow, and because of the increased turnaround in clients served the company had to invest in multiple software products. Electronic Health Record or (EHR) is one of the software programs that are used by Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services. This software is designed to be shared with several different health care providers or settings. The Electronic Health Record software is an electronic collection of systematic health information about a certain population or client. Using Electronic Health Record software will be the digital backup version for a client’s paper chart. Electronic Health Record systems are client centered records that are recorded in real-time. Authorized users of this system are able to obtain this secure information instantly. Using the Electronic Health Record software client’s medical, mental, and treatment records are tracked faster.

This program was designed to go further than the normal intake data that is gathered in a provider’s office and is inclusive of a larger view of a client’s care. Electronic Health Record software has tools that will allow providers to make accurate decisions pertaining to client’s mental health care. Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services use Electronic Health Record software to streamline and automate the workflow for different providers. One of the benefits of Electronic Health Record software is that Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services authorized employees has easier access to client’s medical history. This history consist of radiology images, diagnoses, treatment plans, allergies, results from a test that was taken, immunization records, medications, and laboratory results. Using this software to centralize client’s records electronically has helped the communication between other agencies flow smoothly.

Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services use Electronic Health Records software to track information from other organization, non-profit agencies, and other human services provider who may have provided services to a client. Some of these services are Medicaid approval or reimbursement, clinic management, subsidized housing, drug rehabilitation, and section eight housing. An advantage of this software is the improvement of client’s care, efficiency, safety, client-centeredness, and equity. This software allows each clinician involved in the client’s care the ability to share and obtain the client’s medical history and other pertinent information with other medical providers. Pharmacies, medical imaging facilities, schools, emergency facilities, and other clinics are a few providers that are authorized to receive client’s information from Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services in a digital format.

As more and more health care providers continue to migrate to digital electronic management because of the advantages, there are some disadvantages to using Electronic Health Records software. One of the disadvantages can be the initial start-up cost may become pricey in the beginning. This consists of hardware installations, training of staff, and software upgrades. It does not matter if the facility that is converting to digital Electronic Health Records is large or small the start-up cost will be expensive. If administrative staff, nurses, and doctors are not too familiar with the way the new system is operated, these individuals will waste more time trying to figure it out. This can sometime force the administrative staff, nurses, and doctors that are uncomfortable with this software take longer to master a task, this is wasted time that could be used for other important missions or serving clients. Another downfall or disadvantage of using this software is the concerns of client’s security. Most individuals think a disadvantage would be the security vulnerability for the client’s medical records.

The ultimate concern is that hackers are still out there and may steal client’s personal information and possible compromise their identity. It does not matter how many password encryptions, security features added, and firewalls are put up, hackers can get in there. However, there are also companies that specialize in security measures for the maintenance of Electronic Health Records software. Client Track software is another software that is used at Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Service. Several of Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Service case managers, social workers, and other field professionals have their mobile device set up so that they can have full access to enter the client’s chart and work on it without having to be at work. Client Track is optimized to be compatible with mobile Firefox, Apple iPad, iPhone, Chrome, Safari Web Brower, and iPod touch. Client Track has allowed Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services to take providing services to a whole new level.

Client Track has made it possible for employees to input important case notes in the client charts while they are continuing to work in the field. Different facilities can expedite the check in the process of a client by incorporating other mobile devices and iPads. This software will only allow designated staff to access areas pertaining to their job title. Client Track software has been an asset and benefit to Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health. The collaboration, compliance, efficiency, and outcomes have shown to be another benefit of using Client Track. Other communities, agencies and multiple programs can collaborate and transfer client’s information amongst each other securely and smoothly.

Most agencies and programs have stakeholders, which they are required to report outcomes, activities, and services rendered, Client Track provide an automatic update with this information, which can be obtained by the stakeholders on an as needed basis. The efficiency of Client Track will eliminate having to use spreadsheets and give more time for staff to help the clients that are in need. Since Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services have been using Client Track software, the service to client’s outcome has increased. One of the advantages of using Client Track software is that this software is configured to meet various types of software.

Homeless Management Information System or (HMIS) is a software application that is used daily by human service workers nationwide. Individual’s would think that an organization the size of Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Service will be the determining factor of the software chosen, this company has chosen the software that is a better fit, which allows them to communicate with several agencies. A possible challenge that may be encountered from the implementation process is the difficulty comparing the associated health IT products and EHRs products. Because of the newness of this software there were not a lot of competitors to compare to.

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