Software define network SDN SDN motivations are 1 Availability of

Software define network (SDN): SDN motivations are

1. Availability of good switch chips that make fast switching possible, Entering of big data,

Solution: complete knowledge of topology and ability to dynamically modify flow rules in the switches. Logically centralised monitoring via collection of statistics

2. Unauthorized access, data leakage, data modification:

Solution: Signature based flow rules installation, multiple controllers by using fault tolerance algorithm, implementation of permissions for authorize and authenticate, minimum privileges applications and host using IEEE802.1X and RADIUS Use hierarchical system of controllers to reduce possibility of single point of failure as well as the seriousness of compromise.

3. malicious /compromised applications:


4. Denial of service


5. Misconfiguration issues:

Solutions: Detecting Network Errors, Language based resolution: Frenetics, Real time policy checking; Net plumber, Flow guard, Consistent Abstractions/ network view, Formal verification methods

Innovative applications: Web, P2P VoIP, Social Networks, Virtual worlds

Cloud Security Issues

Snowballing quantity of associated IoT devices bound to fabricate new confronts.

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These devices have some restrictions on power and limit of size. Physical threats and logical threats like, theft, tempering and DoS viruses, etc. can be directed at IoT devices.

Epidemic use of increasing number of connected mobile devices with the proliferation of cloud platforms and technologies is the clear-cut indication that the attack of network is larger than ever. Network attack surface exploiting through remote access, intrusions, WI fi and LAN is also increased. So that IoT devices will have needs new innovative security approaches.

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Data saved on cloud is susceptible to attack, such as SQL injection, side channel attack and man in middle attacks among others. Not only has this but also posed a challenge for standard and interoperability.

IoT devices could be hacked to steal data or alter data to the hacker’s advantages. These security challenges must be addressed by using computer forensic technology to extract irrefutable evidence that can be relied upon to prosecute offenders in the Law court. Digital Evidence and Forensics, NIJ, National Institute of Justice, Date Modified: April 14, 2016,

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