Software Essay Topics

The Paradox of the Software

When believing in a certain god, people become biased towards justifying and asserting the greatness of their god. Naturally, a person like Thomas Aquinas would not have been dubbed a Saint if he did not have an immense faith towards his god, so therefore he would have a way to justify his god against this… View Article

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP’s) integrate (or attempt to integrate) all data and processes of an organization into a unified system. A typical ERP system will use multiple components of computer software and hardware to achieve the integration. A key ingredient of most ERP systems is the use of a unified database to store data… View Article

Threads in Multiprocessing and Distributed Systems

Abstract Multiprocessing has been introduced to maximize the processing power and programming capabilities. Upon smart utilization the efficiency of hardware can be maximized which improves performance to large extents. Huge applications that are highly CPU intensive could be processed as well as web pages and their interactive applications could stay responsive while being engaged in… View Article

Transaction And International Law

Question 1. Before the UCC and the UCITA, what was one of the first, and most significant, of the U.S. government’s attempts to promote uniformity in commercial laws from state to state? (Hint: think of “commerce” and Constitution). The first, and most significant, of the U.S. government’s attempts to promote uniformity in commercial laws from… View Article

Office Automation and Group Collaboration Software

Nowadays, in the modern business world, Office Automation Software include calendar and scheduling, call accounting and management, data entry, email management, fax management, and forms management softwares. On the other hand, Group Collaboration Software include group calendar, groupware solution, mailing list management, messaging solution, teleconferencing, video & web conferencing, and web discussion system software. However,… View Article

Management of a Software Development Project

Introduction Many years ago, general services offered by hotels like dinner reservations, room reservations and other services were done manually. Most hotels used books, ledgers and papers to record names of guests, their duration of stay and contact details. This required a lot of effort and time. Since the advent of the information age however,… View Article

System Software, Development and Application

In the aspect of computer technology, several elements and factors must be critically considered because of their impact and relevance on the computing capacity, efficiency and effectivity in performing the tasks relevant to the public user. The basics among these important computer specifications are the processing capacity, memory storage and computing speed in terms of… View Article

Rad Rapid Application Diagram

This chapter discusses the methodology, the data gathering techniques, and the scope and delimitation of the study. This will serve as the guide to the proponents on how they will conduct the study systematically in order to fulfill the study’s objectives. Software Development and Methodology The Rapid Application Development (RAD) approach would be used to… View Article

Software engineers

There have also been improvements in the protocols applied by the internet. In its inception the type and the capacity of data that could be passed through the internet was limited because the mechanism that enable its functioning, referred to as protocols, could not support complex data formats and large data sizes. Software engineers, web… View Article

Office Automation and Group Collaboration Software

As the business becomes smaller and smaller due to globalization making the business environment more dynamic and competitive, organizations of today are fast realizing the importance of information as an critical asset to successes. This in turn increases the importance of automated soft wares and group collaborations systems, which make information management and use more… View Article

Cryptography Case

ABSTRACT Industrial espionage among highly competitive businesses often requires that extensive security measures be put into place. And, those who wish to exercise their personal freedom, outside of the oppressive nature of governments, may also wish to encrypt certain information to avoid suffering the penalties of going against the wishes of those who attempt to… View Article

Extreme Programming (Xp)

Agile projects are similar to traditional projects. “You still must define and initiate the project, plan for the project, execute the plan, and monitor and control the results” (“,” 2011). How these steps are accomplished is different and therefore, the Agile project manager must adapt his approach. One agile software engineering method is Extreme Programming… View Article

Proposed system feasibility

1. (B) An analysis of proposed system feasibility and a logical system design are part of which of the following SDLC phase? a. Construction phase b. Definition phase c. Implementation phase d. System-building phase 2. (B) The SDLC phase that typically requires the greatest percentage of total cost for a project is the _________ phase…. View Article

Modelling of Noise in PLL’s Using

Hardware description languages (HDLs) exist to describe hardware. In this they differ from traditional programming languages, which generally exist to describe algorithms. To properly describe hardware, one must be able to describe both the behaviour of the individual components as well as how they are interconnected. Hardware description languages have two primary applications: simulation and… View Article

Tora Software

Temporary-Ordered Routing Algorithm (TORA) – An Operations Research Software TORA is an algorithm i.e. a mathematical set of instructions or programs (mathematical-software). It is an optimization system in the area of operations research which is very easy to use. Further, TORA is menu-driven and Windows-based which makes it very user friendly. The software can be… View Article

System Requirment Specification for Postal System

1.INTRODUCTION The SRS provides functioning of the Post Office Transaction System software used in postal offices all over the country. This software works in a Client Server environment with the server storing the data and clients connecting to the server for all types of transactions. It will explain the purpose and features of the system,… View Article

Alumni Tracking System

An issue tracking system (also ITS, trouble ticket system, support ticket or incident ticket system) is a computer software package that manages and maintains lists of issues, as needed by an organization. Issue tracking systems are commonly used in an organization’s customer support call center to create, update, and resolve reported customer issues, or even… View Article

Management: Paying for patching

Patch software has been designed to assist with updating computer programs and fixing a wide range of computer related problems. At the same time, patching has also been designed to update a computer’s supporting data. This is normally done in an attempt to make better the performance of a computer. Patch management involves the process… View Article

Feedback Loops to Enhance Software Capability

Feedback loops are a part of the systems we examine in systems thinking. Our first text book Thinking in Systems tells us we can see the existence of a feedback loop when “the consistent behavior pattern over a long period of time” is observed. My own interpretation is that feedback loops provide information in real… View Article

Enterprise Systems

Enterprise systems, according to the text, are: a set of integrated software modules and a central database that enables data to be shared by many different business processes and functional areas throughout the enterprise. (Laudon & Laudon, 2011)Let’s say, for example, the financial department of an organization needs to audit all of the orders fulfilled… View Article

Analysis on Big IT Project Failure

Lawsuit Claims Epicor’s Two-year Effort Delivered ‘useless’ Software Beverage distributor Major Brands is suing Epicor, alleging the ERP (enterprise resource planning) software vendor failed to deliver a satisfactory system after years of effort and significant cost overruns, and then offered a solution that would force the company to install a new version that hadn’t… View Article

FOSS Research Assignment

FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) had some trouble in 2006 when Microsoft submitted 235 patents that were allegedly violated by FOSS. Microsoft created these patents in order to collect royalties from companies in the “free world” (companies/people using free software). Eben Moglen of the Free Software Foundation contended that software is a mathematical algorithm… View Article

Open Source Software

Free and Open Source Software has been around for quite some time. Free software has always been a controversy. This time someone is trying to take a stance against it. More than just someone but a major software company namely Microsoft. The whole issue is coming against software patents. Patents are there to protect the… View Article

Business Information Systems

1. What is a decision? When does a person have to make a decision? A decision is a conclusion or resolution reached after a thought out consideration of variables in a problem. When more than one possible action is involved in solving a problem, a decision must be made. 2. Calculating a complex trajectory of… View Article

Case Study: System Development

System development is a process in which programmers with organization contribution write codes to solve a problem that face the organization system or automate a procedure. There are three major systems development techniques that been used to solve systems’ problems. The system development techniques are SDLC (Systems Development Life Cycle), JAD (Joint Application Development), and… View Article

Finance Proposal

.1.INTRODUCTION: This research is an overview that how organization can improve their output by information system planning and implementation? Ethical and professional practices as well as effective risk management, improving the outcomes and monitoring the performance.ERP system gives flexibility, quick response.ERP was introduced in early 1990’s to cope with the requirements of the market. This… View Article

Principles of Instructional Design

Pilot or field test are programs where new software concepts or new project ideas are tested and reviewed. A pilot test takes place earlier before the initial implementation of the project. During these period of field test participants are encouraged to provide feedback not just on the project being implemented but how the project is… View Article

Software Reuse

Abstract Effective reuse of software products is reportedly increasing productivity, saving time, and reducing cost of software development. Historically, software reuse focused on repackaging and reapplying of code modules, data structures or entire applications in the new software projects (Prieto-Diaz 1994). Recently, however, it has been acknowledgedas beneficial to redeploy software components across the entire… View Article

Teaching Techniques Essay

Software Development is one of the main courses that I often teach. In order to teach this course to my students at undergraduate level, I use an eclectic approach by combining various teacher-centered and student-centered teaching techniques. In fact, due to the nature of this course, both theoretical education and practical work are required (Damian,… View Article


SolidWorks is an immense topic, especially if you are new to the software. There is much to know and much to write about. Although I have made every effort to be complete in this book, I’m sure there are some niche topics that have gone untreated. The 2013 edition has been consolidated from two volumes… View Article