Socrates Theory

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Socrates Theory

Socrates’ claim that the “unexamined life is not worth living” is very true. Imagine if you were to just go through the motions from birth to death and never be able to put meaning to any of it, why do it at all? Going through the motions is just a step in life, however learning which motions to repeat and which should never be repeated again is how life is measured. Examine everything you do from your morning ritual to your nightly routines. In the morning, you brew some coffee or stop by your favorite store for your cup of java. Why would you keep doing it? Simple answer without examining it closely would be because it helps motivate me and wakes me up. What you typically don’t stop and examine is that in order for you to make it or go get it, you are already awake. It motivates you is simply a response when in fact you motivate the purchasers to ensure you have the coffee accessible.

You have simply put yourself, mentally, in a routine and justify it with responses you tell yourself so that you keep doing it. Simply replace your coffee with tea or water and your mind will keep telling you it helps you wake up and motivates you. In the evening you go home and prioritize the rest of your day. Meals for the family, laundry, clean, homework with the kids, and if there is time enjoy some outside or event with the family. Again without examining each step, it just seems like a routine. Instead ask yourself why you do these things and in what order; all of a sudden your day will make sense! You ensure your family is well nurtured to achieve greater things and enable them to live longer through smart diets and good eating habits.

Your might prepare meals due to the fact your spouse never really cooks for flavor! You do laundry and clean to ensure a neat environment and might entice your family to assist so that there is more family time to have fun with instead of just doing chores. Doing homework with the kids is not to make sure they are understanding the material, it is staying connected with your children and taking notes along the way to keep your knowledge up to date and informed of what they are being taught. In fact you might be able to schedule events around what they are learning to enhance their experiences as well as bonding time.


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