Sociology Essay Topics

Environmental Sociology

Since ancient times, human beings have been persistent in modifying their environment through changes in various natural resources. However, the commencement of Industrial Revolution paved way for much of human activity that has had a strong impact on the global landscape. It is without question that the activities of human affect the composition of the… View Article

Emile Durkheim: Contributions to Sociology

Emile Durkheim’s philosophies and ideas had emerged during a time that his country, had been going through a lot of instabilities. Scenarios of disequilibrium that even lead to a greater molding and shaping of such ethos. During his childhood, France was experiencing a social and political unrest. The after war with Germany and the defeat… View Article

Identification of Country Specific Social Infrastructure Problems

Having a sound understanding on the economic procedures of different nations can greatly help each one of them to combat internal social problems. With the establishment of international organizations to assist poor countries in structuring their societies, it is of utmost importance to provide them with the basic facts of the dilemmas experienced by low-performing… View Article

Postmodern Social Theory

Postmodern social theory is a field which is both difficult to define and rejects being defined. Postmodern theory is largely concerned with the ways our perceptions and reality are constructed. Postmodern social theory is a field of diverse and at times contradictory ideas that try to describe the relations of characters to society of the… View Article

Is Britain a Class-Ridden Society

Social classes can be defined by a group of persons sharing a similar social position and certain economic, political, and cultural characteristics. A class-ridden society is a term used by sociologists to describe a society which is ruled by social classes. As for the British society, it is considered as a division in three main… View Article

Sociology Functionalist

“Assess the Functionalist view that religion benefits both society as a whole and it’s individual members. ” According to research carried out by sociologists, almost 90% of the world population follow a religion. There are numerous theories that attempt to explain the role of religion in our lives. The Functionalist outlook is a consensus perspective… View Article

White Males

What is white male privilege? It is important that white male privilege is defined because the majority of whites males want to deny that it exists at all. The denial of its existence by white people is racialized. People of color say white people enjoy white privilege while white people deny, as often as possible,… View Article

United Kingdom

This project involves the analysis of the privileges enjoyed by the white while ignoring the fact that they do enjoy any privilege or benefits at all. The goal is to critically examine these privileges using a selected article as a point of analysis and also explaining concepts that has relationship with article. Upon conclusion, the… View Article

White Privilege

Introduction Research Question: Do individuals in the Midwest experience the affects of white privilege? During this investigation I seek to explore the differences in privilege that males and females, of different race and ethnic backgrounds, experiences in their daily lives. My fellow Sociology of Race and Ethics classmates and I will conduct Peggy McIntosh’s White… View Article

Social Polarisation

Polarisation is a term that usually refers to ‘extreme of two extreme situations’. In this context, social polarisation is examined in detail. Social polarisation is an expression associated with the segregation within a society that may emerge from income inequality, real-estate fluctuations, economic displacements etc. and result in such differentiation that would consist of various… View Article

Social constructionism

This essay will consider if the social constructionism perceives identities are constructed through language and social relations by comparing this theory with the psychosocial theory of identity. It will begin with a brief description of both theories and go on to look at some examples of the strengths and weaknesses of the argument to conclude… View Article

Sociology and Wonderful Example

The movie, Pleasantville, had a large number of sociological theories and ideas expressed in very concrete ways. The people of the town were so obsessed by their norms that they were unable to function without them. It is a wonderful example of the functionalist perspective in action. I found it fascinating that the town was… View Article

American Dream

While living in America, I have witnessed many transformations within society as a result of the government and public policy. I do not agree that almost anyone can achieve the “American Dream”, as social status, race and gender can impact the success. My perception of the definition of the “America Dream” is that people are… View Article

Habitus vs Hegemony

Although there are many similarities and connections among Bourdieu’s notion of habitus and Williams’ notions of hegemony and structure of feeling, there are also many differences. Through a brief discussion of the three concepts, the reasons why hegemony and structure of feeling would seem to challenge habitus, rather than support it, will become apparent. Bourieu’s… View Article

Legitimating rationale

Explain how and why the Functional Perspective is the legitimating rationale (explanation or justification) for a Capitalist economy, and give examples of this justification through race, religion, class, gender, and educational level. Then, critique the Functionalist ideology from the Conflict Perspective and describe how the stratification system produces deviants (not criminals, but rather those who… View Article

Functionalism, Conflict, and Internationalism

The three theories I plan to discuss are Functionalism, Conflict, and Internationalism with education. The need for these theories is what actually makes the system in education work, with the teachers, parents, school boards and committees the institution of education continues to function. The first theory is Functionalism and is about the study by Lawrence… View Article

How Great Companies Think Differently

This article highlights principles that leading companies employ to differentiate them from other companies that focus only on profits. These leading companies attempt to transcend the short-term bottom line mentality and aim at social involvement that will produce longevity and sustained profits over the long haul. Part of making money in the long term is… View Article

Sociology and Psychological Prejudice

The following are some of the key definitions and terms used in this article. Tele-Health, Tele-Medicine, Teaching and Education, Tele-Medicine Information, Hospital Primary Care Networks, E-Readiness, Hard Technologies, Information Communication Technologies Infrastructure, Technology Adaptation, Technology Adoption, Transportation Modality. b) Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) The Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) (Davis, 1986, 1989) is an adaptation of… View Article

Prejudice Paper

Through our own personal experience, Professor McAuliff would like us to use the topics we discussed throughout the semester to show an understanding of the concepts. Using my experience with prejudice I will be providing how what I learned in the social psychology textbook. Prejudice has been a very relevant topic I have related with… View Article


(1) In general, I am persuaded by the claims of the article “Ideological Language and Social Movement Mobilization” by Gerald M. Platt and Rhys Williams. I think that it is good that they chose the opposition to the Civil Rights Movement led by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. to verify or illustrate their theses… View Article

Are We Free Within Society

For me, I find that there are two different answers to the question: “Are we free within Society? ” – and that there are many variations, with thanks to culture, socialization, social interaction and social structure. For the most part I find freedom all around. I’ll give some examples of that and show some areas… View Article

Changing Attitude Towards Child Sex Preference

This paper focuses on the intensity of preference for sons over daughters in anticipation of old age security both physically and financially, and its impact on the care and support/ well-being of the elderly in Nigeria in general, and in particular among the Yoruba of Southwest. The paper examines the impact of social change on… View Article

Marx and Weber’s Theories of Class Structure in Modern Society

Karl Marx has given us the most influential overview of how industrialization has affected the modern social formations. According to his industrialization gave us two new classes, which had evolved from the old feudal society. The bourgeoisie and the proletariat (Bradley, 2006: 134-135). The bourgeoisie in England, the new economically dominant class. At the beginning… View Article

Mexican Immigrants in the United States

Abstract Choosing to focus on the Mexican Immigrant in the United States workplace will help to develop an understanding of how organizational decisions insure the acceptance and inclusion of the group with those of the organization’s in-group creating a unified work environment. Chao and Willaby (2007) theorized that everyone had their own vision of how… View Article

A day without a mexican

With the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo on February 2, 1848, the border dividing the Mexican people was formed. The Mexican border means various things to different people. To date, 600 miles of border wall has already been built. This wall would extend from California, to El Paso, to the valley. The first reason… View Article

Mexican American

The Mexican American experience has been one of adversity, and endurance. The plight of these native people has been ignored, and many times erased from the American conscience. They have struggled for acknowledgement, fought for equality and have gone to battle for respect. This population has been victimized, and driven to the ground by the… View Article

Social Psychology

In social psychology there are many researchers who investigated and challenged different theories within including well respected psychologists including; Sheriff(1935); Jenness(1932); Asch(1951); Crutchfield(1955) and Mann(1969). The aim of the study was; guessing how many sweeties were in the jar in a competition fashion and testing if the participants conformed to their guesses. The hypothesis was… View Article

Self Fulfilling Prophecy Pygmalion Effect

The problem with productivity measurements – especially in measuring a company’s workforce efficiency, is that they do not take into account other factors relating to the way people work. This means that elements such as employee’s initiatives, their flexibility, teamwork and adaptability are not incorporated in the measures of input. As such, the calculation of… View Article

Symbolic Interactionist

People often use nonverbal communication through meaningful objects or behaviors such as facial expressions, gestures, body language, symbols, clothing articles, and posture standings to interact and communicate his or her idea or opinion. These meaningful objects and behaviors are viewed as a sociological framework called symbolic interactionism. The receiving party observes the objects or behaviors… View Article