Sociology Essay Topics

Foreignness. Interpreter of Maladies: Stories

       The state of being a foreign is when a thing or a person is defined to be in a place where it, he or she does not originally belong. To elaborate this more, being introduced from outside also explains the state of being foreigner. From the mentioned definition, foreignness as a theme… View Article

Cyberbullying as a Social Issue

       There are varius social issues that need to be highlighted today, but cyberbullying has in one way or the other impacted on everybody. Bullying is categorized as hostile behavior where a prevailing group abuses its authority by threatening a less central group (Maher, 2008). Bullying is a by-product of the capitalist society… View Article

Nature and Nurture on the human development

Nature and Nurture on the human development Introduction             In the history of human beings, there have existed a lot of theories discussing how nurture or nature influences the development of humans. Not only did this debate happen in the past, but also even today many individuals and nations are debating on this issue to… View Article

Empowerment in terms of theoretical perspectives: Exploring a typology of the process and components across disciplines

Motivation and Empowerment Introduction             Motivation has been defined as the various forces which can either be internal or external forces which cause an individual to become aroused and enthusiastic in their questing of pursuing a particular objective through a specific course of action (French, & Emerson, 2014). Motivational is normally brought about by the… View Article

Mining group gold: How to cash in on the collaborative brain power of a team for innovation and results

Mining Group Gold Introduction             To be a collaborative leader, there are crucial behaviors that one needs to understand. It requires one to be good at building collaborative partnerships. Additionally, this demands facilitation of team work within individual group and across work groups, committees, problem solving teams and in task forces. Studying group gold mining… View Article

Learning and Memory.An introduction to theories of learning

Learning and Memory Introduction             Cleaning the room is the target behaviour in Bobby’s case. Mr. Kelly tries to keep on reminding his eight year old child to clean his room but it is always in vain. Since Mr. Kelly needs help in increasing the frequency of his child cleaning his room it could be… View Article

Downsizing: Is less still more?

Impacts of Downsizing Introduction             In a broad spectrum, managers and organization leaders should center their attention on ensuring human dignity and justices while faced by downsizing needs. The process of selecting the employees to cut off should be ethical and legal. Otherwise, this can cause adverse implications to the employees and the organization at… View Article

How employee engagement has been forgotten by many andor remembered by few

How employee engagement has been forgotten by many and/or remembered by few Introduction             It is believed that any company which unlocks the secrets of engaging their employees is likely to get very high profits. However, this has never been the case. There are always challenges and confusions which leads to misdirection hence the failure… View Article

Family in the 21st Century

Family inthe 21st Century Introduction             In the past years family has been the base of the society but there has been an enormous change in this 21st century. This change has brought a new meaning of a family. There are a lot of factors that has contributed to this change of the real meaning… View Article

Sartre, Jean Paul. Existence precedes essence

Existence precedes essence Introduction             As much as Existentialism is a philosophy, existentialist emphasize on artistic creation as a crucial aspect of existence. As an outcome, Sartre often chose to combine both points of aesthetic concerns and that of philosophy in short stories and novels. Unlike the fiction of Sartre, the philosopher fiction is not… View Article

Effects of Cyberbullying

Examples of Cyberbullying Cyberbullying examples is referred to as a form of bullying that is known to take place through the use of electronics such as mobile phones and over the internet. Furthermore, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter among many others, chat, text messages as well as websites are avenues through which cyber bullying… View Article

Social Norm Violation.Entering one’s Apartment without Knocking

Social Norm Violation.Entering one’s Apartment without Knocking Introduction Barkow, (1978) defined social norms as behaviours that the society expects from its habits. Therefore, when people demonstrate these social norms in the public, the society observes them with satisfaction and acceptance. Consequently, when the social norms are violated or confused, people react strangely or become annoyed…. View Article

Global Transformations: Politics, Economics and Culture.Feminist Archeology

This refers to a feminist perspective used in interpreting the past societies. The main focus is on gender in relation to class, race or sexuality. This archeology was critiquing the very uncritical modern, western values applications that were being used to look at the area of archeology. Feminist anthropology has three waves with the first… View Article

Groundwork of the metaphysics of morals. Compare and Contrast

The theories put forward, by Kant and Mill deal with the moral qualities of choices or actions. Although they are very different, none of the two theories shows concern in the virtue ethics on what really constitutes a good human being. However, Kant’s theory is much deontological. This means that it locates the moral worth… View Article

A Christian Perspective on Political Thought

Civil disobedience is state in which people do not follow the rules and laws of a country as a form of political protest. The people who practice civil disobedience refuse to disperse; they block access to some buildings and block some roads or may disobey the laws of the country. A good example of civil… View Article

The moral and political status of children

The children rights are human rights given to children with specific attention to the rights of special care and protection to minors. Children have the rights to associate with both parents, basic needs such as food, human identity healthcare, education and criminal laws. The interpretation of the rights of children ranges from permitting the children… View Article

Child soldiers: The role of children in armed conflict

There are hundreds of thousands of children from all over the world who are forced and recruited into paramilitaries, civil militia, government armed forces and other armed groups. This situation is particularly common in Africa and Arabic countries which are constantly in war. In such countries the rate of insecurity is usually so high that… View Article

The Hypersexualization of American Tween culture: Has It Gone Too Far?

We project ignorance as an incurable bliss and less we understand the world the more it will hurt us. Every time an addiction comes up there is unending debate among experts on the underlying cause. Addiction may come in different ways, least we expect it. Sexualization is the ability, mostly in girls, to view themselves… View Article

Understanding child sexual abuse: perspectives from the Caribbean

Many forms of child abuse exist. One of the rampant forms of child abuse is Child Sexual Abuse. Child sexual abuse is cruelty committed against children by adults or older adolescents in which the perpetrators use the child for sexual stimulation. Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) occurs in various settings that include home, work or school…. View Article

Young and Invincible Adolescent Participation in Reckless Behaviour

Most teenagers in their adolescent stage often push the boundaries of tolerable behaviour. Some engage in extremely reckless behaviour such as drug abuse and dangerous driving. Although it is paramount for parents to support and show love to their teens, they should advise their children on the dangers and effects of reckless behaviour. Shader (2004)… View Article

What Are the Causes and Consequences of Child Neglect

Child neglect according to McCoy & Keen (2009) is the most common form of child maltreatment. However, neglect of children has frequently gone unreported and has not been publicized or acknowledged as a child abuse (Stone & NSPCC, 1998). To some extent, it is recognizable why the different forms of violence against children have got… View Article

Social Capital and how it Influences Migration

Several scholars have given varying definitions of the term social capital. Social capital is a term used to refer to: “features of social organization such as networks, norms and social trust that facilitate coordination and cooperation for mutual benefit” (Putman 67). Fukuyama, another scholar, refers to it as an instantiated norm that is informal in… View Article

Media Image of Asian Women

The media is large platform that signifies or represents individual on a ranging scale of different perspective. The media largely influences personality through a formative role with a representative segment of a community’s view. The Asian women are a sample case with a unique representative within the media. Various forms of media including television, film… View Article

Conflict between Trade Unions and Management

According to Fox, a manager should have an alternative ‘frame of reference’ that will help in analysing employee relations. Many managers use unrealistic ‘frames of reference’ that end up distorting the existing facts thus making solutions very elusive. Fox further explains that there is the need to develop an efficient and effective frame of reference… View Article

Communications and Media the use of social media

What SouthWest Airlines (SWA) has done is to consolidate customers and fans for the better performance of its operation in light of competition it is facing. This is a clear case where social media is being used as a channel that supports community building, customer collaboration and sharing ideas and market trends that propel the… View Article