Sociology: Meth Epidemic Essay

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Sociology: Meth Epidemic

Would you as a citizen be willing to go through the extra step of getting a Dr’s script for a cold to make this DRUG go away? Meth has been a problem in the world for quite some time, since the 1970s. It started off as a trend with motorcycle gangs in the West and it soon spread throughout the U. S. to the common people. The meth epidemic in America has had a horrifying impact on families, individuals, communities, and various populations. There has been a rise in car theft and robbery crimes that meth users commit in order to obtain money to get another high.

Meth does horrible things to the physical appearance of a person’s body, including the appearance of sores and wrinkled skin. A person may look twenty to thirty years older than their actual age after the constant use of meth. However, its destructiveness isn’t the effect on the skin, but the effect on the brain. One hit of meth will create a sense of euphoria in the user’s mind that they describe as something they’ve never experienced before. The main ingredients of meth, ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, are found in common cold medicines. The U. S.

Drug Enforcement Administration is trying to control the sales of ephedrine and pseudoephedrine by forcing customers to have to register at the counter and get a doctor’s prescription to buy common cold medicines in order to refrain from the availability of the ingredients to meth users. I, as a citizen, am not willing to go through an extra step of getting a doctor’s script for a cold to make meth go away. With the implementation that the U. S. Drug Enforcement Administration is doing, a moral dilemma was created. Does pseudoephedrine have to be eliminated because a fraction of the population abuses it?

It is not a non-user’s fault that meth users are constantly destroying their bodies. There are many other substances that are being abused yet nothing drastic is being done to prevent it from happening. A much larger portion of the population abuse and die from alcohol. They even abuse food- that’s how people start getting fat. Are they going to start taking that off the shelves too? If so, everybody would starve. Quite honestly, it is a matter of morality, not the availability of pseudoephedrine. Nobody can stop drugs from being in America. There is always going to be a way to make and use them.

Meth addicts will come up with and use meth any way they can. I refuse to go to the doctor just to get a prescription to cure a common cold. Most people can take cough medicine or something to help them feel better. Some people use Sudafed, Nasofed, and other nasal decongestants to help control their sinuses and allergies. Ibuprofen is said to also work, and yes for some it does, but for others, only certain types of medicines work. Taking off time from work and school is not worth going to a doctor’s office and paying money for a physician to tell me what I already know.

It is a waste of time for me to spend hours in a waiting room for my doctor to prescribe me some nasal decongestant and Sudafed when I can go to a pharmacy and get it myself. Another problem that occurs when cold medicines are required to have a doctor’s prescription is that many people in the world do not have medical insurance; therefore they would be unable to pay for their medicine. So what do those who don’t have medical insurance do when they get sick? Wait until their cold worsens and turn into the flu-or even worse- pneumonia?

Also getting prescriptions over the counter requires people to have driver’s licenses. This also means that people without driver licenses will be unable to get the medicine that they need to help them get better all because the government is trying to find a way to help people who do not want to be helped. The meth addicts who want to quit will simply check themselves into rehab and stop using, those who don’t will continue to find other resources to get the ingredients needed to get their euphoric high. The meth epidemic has forever changed American society.

It has caused an increase in theft and robberies. Meth addicts are doing anything they can in order to get high. Meth addicts are constantly finding ways to make and use the drug. Every obstacle that the government has put in front of meth addicts, has been avoided by them and been substituted for something else. It is not worth the rest of the population to have to suffer because of the uses of drug addict. Citizens should not have to go through an extra step of getting a doctor’s script for medicine to cure a common cold, and I for one am not willing to do it.

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