Sociology and Social Care Workers Essay

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Sociology and Social Care Workers

Values relate to our personal principles, morals, and ideals—that is, what we consider to be important. Each person is unique, with their own personal values and beliefs shaped by a number of factors that include culture, religion, and personal experiences.

We value each person as an individual, respect their aspirations and commitments in life, and seek to understand their priorities, needs, abilities and limits Aii An explanation of it is important for why social care workers to work in a way that promotes person centrered values All person centered planning tools and processes are driven by a commitment to achieve inclusive outcomes for the person whose plan it is, and the residents involved are always present throughout their Planning session.

The focus of all person centered approaches is the whole person – irrespective of the label they carry Aiii a definition of the term “consent” in adult social care Consent means the Permission for something to happen or agreement to do something Aiv an explanation of why social care workers must gain the consent of the individual when they are providing care or support You are not allowed to violate the persons person or privacy without their consent. This assumes they are capable of giving it.

That is the law and also that is how the care giver would want to be treated if the situations were reversed. Gaining consent is a gradual process and should involve the social services, the family. The process can also be supported through the use of other tools, such as videos and pictures Av a description of how a social care worker might gain the consent of the individual A social worker might gain consent from an individual by verbally or written confirmation, (by asking questions by giving choices).

Av an explanation of what the social care worker must do if they are unable to gain consent or if the individual is not able to express themselves If a social worker is unable to get consent due to the individual not being able to express themselves due to mental illness or lack of mental capacity or because they are terminally ill then consent may be obtained by asking their family or next of kin. If the individual has got the mental capacity to speak for themselves but they refuse then the worker could try to encourage them and let them know the benefits of allowing the worker to assist them.

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