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Sociological Theories Response Essay

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In the Virgin Islands there is program that is run by the police force by the name of SADD (Students against Destructive Decisions). The program is run by local Police Officers with the involvement of the Chief Police. There are also volunteers that are made up of parents and some business personnel’s. This program helps children and adolescents make wise choices when it comes to their actions and choosing their friends. The program assists with after school care that includes homework help, tutoring and literacy help.

There are also sports programs, counseling and outreach upport for those that are in need. The business aspect helps young adolescents with preparation of resumes and business etiquette when it comes to job searches. For me this program holds true to the social structure theory because it embodies all aspects of uplifting, nurturing and educating young adolescents and children to do right(Virgin Island Police Department, 2010). My next program that I will look at is one that embodies social process theories.

The New Zealand National Parliament implemented a program called Family Group Conferencing.

This program embodies child and youth affairs that range from care and protection matters to social welfare problems. The program helps individual and their families with education, healthcare and assists with curbing youth delinquency. This program also gives considerable decision making power to individuals rather than the state when it comes to parents and their families. They also provide funding to programs on child subsidy, helping parents who are unemployed to find and keep jobs (Cengage Learning, 2010).

The Social conflict theory is known as society as a whole always battling for what is ight and trying to confirm ones belief unto someone else. It is people fighting for a justice that they feel should be equaled across the boards, whether or not it affects a certain group of people the goal is to have and keep the less fortunate at a level of low poverty. The Cooke, Fannin and Grayson County Juvenile Boot Campis facility that helps boys between the ages of 12 through 17 years old. Their goal is to keep those troubled individuals out of the justice system through counseling, therapy and acceptance of ones actions.

The boot camp is established as a leader in providing top otch programs to juvenile offenders and it also has specialized commons that serves sex offenders and substance abuse offenders. Their goal is a step by step program that offers educational, therapeutic and socio-education opportunities. Discipline and physical activities are also part of the curriculum. The programs belief are being in a structured but nonrestrictive environment helps these young men begin a process of trust. By building on that platform the individuals will be able to be compliant within societal norms (Cook, Fannin and Grayson County Boot Camp, 2009).

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