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History of Terrorism: Al Qaeda
Words • 558
Pages • 3
In the mid to late 1980s, al Qaeda introduced another stage ever of the history of Terrorism. Throughout the following quarter of a century, the bunch shaped by Osama Bin Laden and Ayman al Dhawahiri would come to speak to the most critical danger to universal security, having likewise led the most eager assault ever of, focusing on the United States (US) all alone soil in September 2001. The introduction of a transnational non-state outfitted gathering known as al Qaeda…...
Dream Pursuit: How Grand Theft Auto Defines The American Dream
Words • 1255
Pages • 6
Grand Theft Auto is one of the most controversial video game series of all time. The Rockstar Games made the first entry in 1997.The whole series has been criticized for its depiction of torture, misogynistic views of women, gang violence, and much more. However, the game’s controversies seem to have helped fuel its record-breaking sales. In September 2013, Grand Theft Auto V broke industry sales records and became the fastest selling entertainment product in history, earning US $800 million in…...
The American Dream: What it Mean?
Words • 1454
Pages • 6
The American Dream consists of an ideal that individuals make a bargain with life in America, so long as an individual works strenuously, America will present avenues to economic prosperity and convivial veneration. The American Dream represents an idealistic country where there is a lack of racism, sexism, and discrimination averting an individual from actualizing their dreams. Any dreams seem obtainable in accordance with the American Dream because of our freedoms and moral standards. However, as society has progressed, the…...
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Arranged Marriage in Saudi Arabia
Words • 591
Pages • 3
Saudi Arabia controls the movement of the women population greater than any other country. Passports or travel outside of the country are not approved for women unless they have permission from their male guardian. In addition, some guardian’s will prevent a woman from leaving their home, in which they can pursue getting a court order for the woman to go back home. On June 24, 2018, women gained the right to drive in Saudi Arabia. Travel restrictions make it challenging…...
Arranged Marriage Stories- Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee
Words • 576
Pages • 3
The first story, “The Bats,” is told from the {angle} of an anonymous seven-year-old United Nations agency bit by bit becomes aware that his mother suffers from domestic abuse. The child’s father, a foreman at an area press, makes his abuse covert enough that the kid solely notices it through behavioural changes in his mother. as an example, because the speaker feigns sleeping, he hears his mother weeping. because the months fade, the kid begins to note his mother’s wounds.…...
Eyewitness Memories of Hiroshima Bombing
Words • 736
Pages • 3
On the 6th of August, 1945, one of the world’s first two atomic bombs was dropped on Hiroshima. The bomb was given the nickname ‘Little Boy’, a 9000-pound uranium-235 gun-type bomb exploding with thirteen kilotons of force par to 15000 tonnes of TNT. During the time of the bombing, Hiroshima was home to approximately 280500 civilians and 45000 soldiers. The U.S Department of Energy has estimated approximately 250000 citizens were affected either directly or indirectly by the effects of the…...
Funding For Arts and Culture
Words • 878
Pages • 4
Many argue that art cannot be defined. Art is often considered as the process of arranging elements in an aesthetic way that pleases our senses. It consists of a wide range of human expressions, which includes painting, films, sculptures, music and literature. The definition of art has changed over the years, and people have a variety of explanations of what art means to them. Art history has developed enough these days to allow us to realize changes that art has…...
Fantastic Places to Visit in Japan
Words • 932
Pages • 4
Japan is one of the world's most visited countries. It has a wonderful history that dates back to thousands of years. With a rich culture and old traditions, tourists from all over the world visit Japan. Despite all the wars this country has been through, a good amount of history is still intact and preserved nicely. In addition to this, according to Touropia, Japan has a low crime rate making it an ideal place for tourists to visit. According to…...
High And Low Culture
Words • 1075
Pages • 5
By contrast, the concept of culture is a critical aspect of defining human society. Therefore, human society, culture is defined as the knowledge and characteristics of different societies encompassing cuisine, social habits, language, music and arts among other aspects. Above all, culture is considered as the determinant of social environment, although the understanding consists of different alterations Notably, there are distinctions in understanding the different levels of cultures, defining the culture ideas, and evaluating the precise definitions of high and…...
History of Atlantic Slave Trade
Words • 1383
Pages • 6
In the ancient middle, trade helped the people who lived there in many ways. One way that it helped the people was that it was a good way to flow goods. This is of trade is called cosmopolitan, since there were widely spread cultures, lifestyles, and ideas. All the money they made in the middle east came from the busy trade routes going through the region. The metal was a famous item to trade since it created many items that…...
Deadly Events of Atomic Bomb
Words • 2165
Pages • 9
In the history of the world there were many wars between the countries, the famous and biggest ones are World War One and two if world war three happens there will be no survival on earth because of nuclear power introduced during World War Two. Nuclear power can be used in both productive and disruptive ways. But humans used this energy in disruptive way only after nuclear weapons power plant for Electricity created, although it is a great source of…...
Transatlantic Slave Trade is a Trauma for the African American
Words • 3558
Pages • 15
Introduction The following paper will be about the transatlantic slave trade and how it is still a trauma for the African American community today. To explain this there will be special attention towards the different stages of this trauma and how it developed. Furthermore, there will be a discussion of the current political climate and how it is affected by events that happened more than 150 years ago. It all to underline the theses, that those events and slavery it…...
Abortion Debate: Should Abortion be Legal
Words • 867
Pages • 4
Opening Statement: Should Abortion be legal? Consciously ending a pregnancy before normal childbirth opens the abortion debate. Whether it is a right or wrong thing to kill an unborn but viable fetus, abortion remains one of the most polarizing issues. Most people are either pro-life (against) or pro-choice (for abortion), only a few are unsure. According to the guardian, some countries like the USA, has branched out the abortion debate to a political and legal issue. The 1970s was an…...
Argumentative Essay: Abortion is murder
Words • 886
Pages • 4
Abortion is murder, Premature birth is the completion of a pregnancy by evacuation or removal of an incipient organism or embryo before it can make due outside the uterus. A fetus removal that happens without intercession is known as a premature delivery or miscarriage. There are many effects, causes and reasons for abortions. The audience for this topic would be strategy creators, program administrators and suppliers of premature birth care. The utilization of the clinical proposals ought to be individualized…...
Is Immigration Beneficial For A Country’s Development
Words • 936
Pages • 4
Today I am going to talk about my topic on social and my focus is on whether or not immigration will contribute to a country’s development. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 6.4 million residents were born overseas, approximately 27.7% of the population. Due to a considerable amount of immigrants make up a large proportion of the population, whether or not contribution will be made by immigrants has always been controversial. In this essay, the term “immigration” refers to…...
The Influence Of Immigration In Texas Economy And Growth
Words • 1427
Pages • 6
The State of Texas has been recognized as the second-largest and most populated state with over 28 million people. According to the U.S.C.B, “ Texas continues to have strong population growth in the second decade of the 21st century, and the robust growth was the combination of natural increase which pushed the state net population of immigrants to 28 million”(2017). However, during the first United States census in 1850, the population of Texas was amounted to be 212,592 which consists…...
Student’s Involvement In Different Social Activities Through Social Media
Words • 725
Pages • 3
Abstract Social Networking Services boom is useful for promoting or participating in social activities and events. Organization of social events faces a large issue in publishing their list of events. They cannot provide users with different choices when they conduct multiple events. We seek to plan an event organization scheme in this paper that provides users with different choices. We scheduled to build learners Google Form. This Google Form differentiated users’ subjective preferences to events and users objective preferences to…...
How We Stereotype Men
Words • 611
Pages • 3
Conversations about gender stereotypes are mostly one sided and frequently inclined towards women’s perspectives. The society identifies most men as the Joker, the Strong, the Silent, the Masculine. Here are 12 stereotypes that we severely need to break down about men. All guys are fuckboys This is a serious misconception where men are objected in a way that they are only interested in physicality in everything they do specially when it comes to girls. I mean not all guys are…...
Stereotypes or Modern Day Racism
Words • 934
Pages • 4
Jungle Fever, a film created by Spike Lee, explores the beginning and end of an interracial relationship in the urban streets of New York City. Wesley Snipes, a successful, happily married architect is married to Drew who workers as a buyer at Bloomingdales and together they have a young daughter Ming. What seems like the perfect family is quickly disturbed by an Italian American women by the name of Angie Tucci. Angie lives in Bensonhurst Brooklyn, with her abusive and…...
Gender Stereotypes in STEM
Words • 879
Pages • 4
The number of women in professional fields has increased over the past decades due to the continuous fight to provide them with equal access to job opportunities. Despite the growth, there are still few women scientists and engineers across the world. Previous studies showed that women are underrepresented in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) occupations. Built By Me, an online site that is dedicated to using STEM technologies as a platform to help children build the skills they need,…...
Brand-less Humanity: Human Should Not Be Labeled
Words • 1337
Pages • 6
What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you talk about British people? Is it an image of a “White Caucasian” talking with a terrifying set of teeth, that indicates bad dental hygiene? In the previous sentence, I generalized what most people thinks about the British. First, that they have an awful set of teeth. Second, that British people are “White Caucasian”. The generalization which most people believe is wrong. In fact, Britain has the second - best…...
78 Years Vietnam Veteran Gains His Matric Diploma
Words • 462
Pages • 2
Doubtless, soldiers and their families always sacrifice for their homeland. The time of war, particularly like Vietnam during which young man were recruited to fight and death toll was high, tests the mettle of young men, patience of their family, and kills their dreams. A lot of veteran tell how their dreams got shattered. Here is story of a man who defied age and time to fulfil his goal and became an inspiration for others. His name is Floyd Covey.…...
Exploration of Social Injustice in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible
Words • 865
Pages • 4
Throughout the ages, humans have proven themselves countless times to be disloyal, selfish, and underhanded. It is with a degree of smugness and superiority that we often regard events such as the cruel, corrupt governmental systems of the past, abuses of the church, and mass murders in the name of religion. We tend to believe that we have made improvements in areas such the definition and protection of personal freedoms and we have faith that our journalists will uncover and…...
How To Increase Lack Of Involvement From Students Outside The Social Events
Words • 2996
Pages • 12
Executive Summary The Marietta College is struggling to improve brotherhood participation in all fraternity events, not just social events. This feasibility report explores four potential options, in order to increase the total brotherhood participation. These options include: fining students who don’t go to all events, rewarding students who go to all events, talking to alumni to understand what makes a successful event and using that information to hold a successful event. Lastly talking with other fraternities that are successful in…...
Presidency of John F. Kennedy in The Making of the President 1964
Words • 604
Pages • 3
John F. Kennedy’s reign as president remained short-lived, but his impact bequeathed a lasting legacy for the future leaders of America. Kennedy’s earnest concern for the American people made him very popular because he constantly had the best interest of the people in mind. In the midst of the Cold War, John F. Kennedy was shot dead, leaving the nation in shambles. His demise left big shoes for Lyndon B. Johnston to fill. Historian, Theodore White argues that Kennedy’s death…...
John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Speech: Rhetorical Analysis
Words • 514
Pages • 3
In 1961, John F. Kennedy delivered an inaugural speech of hope and inspiration. Kennedy intends to make an impression that in order to achieve peace within the world, we must unite to help each other in these hard times. In his speech, JFK used many rhetorical strategies to achieve his purpose of pressing his idea that unity as one population could promote the greater good of the world. He uses many examples of parallelism and the Aristotelian appeals to strengthen…...
Islamophobia and Law Enforcement in a Post 9/11 American Society
Words • 1562
Pages • 7
What Truly Happened Attack at Pentagon/World trade Center September 11-2011 8:11 AM 19 Militants enlisted 4 planes and drove suicide strikes. Two of the planes flown into the twin towers of the World Trade Center. 1 plane hit pentagon building just outside Washington DC. 3000 people were executed including 400 fire fighters and policemen. Television stations started indicating mental oppressors as Muslims. Muslims knew now what they have to face. At 10:30 a.m., the north structure of the twin towers…...
Western Media Stigmatization of Islam/Muslims
Words • 1792
Pages • 8
Is media in its nature anti-religion? Can media and religion co-exist peacefully? These are some of the questions of long going debates of some researchers. The relationships between media and religion have a long history starting since the industrial revolution with the invention of the printing machine, during which the mass production of Bibles was put into play, continuing to today’s day when there is an emergence of “information society”. Moreover, this relationship is solely based on framing the media…...
The Portrayal of Isllamic Society In Documentary Muslim Women Talk About Hijab
Words • 646
Pages • 3
Introduction (un)veiled: Muslim Women Talk About Hijab ​is a 37 minute ethnographic film directed and edited by Ines Hofmann Kanna that was released in 2007. The film focuses on a selection of Muslim women living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and hears what they have to say about the hijab. Especially in such a multi-cultural place as Dubai, not everyone, not even all Muslim women, wear hijab and the film asks these women what is means to them, what it…...
Islamic Feminisms Effects In Turkey Through Muslim Feminists’ Religious Practices
Words • 917
Pages • 4
Introduction Is Islamic Feminism affecting Muslim Feminists' practices, and if, how it affects? Islamic feminism developed around the head-scarf ban after the 1980 Turkish coup and after the 1997 Turkish military memorandum. In the late 2000s, women from different segments articulated within the feminist movement due to increasing violence against women and creating discourses on women in politics by ministers and top officials. (Budak, 2018) In the third wave of feminism through Turkey context, which started in the late 1990s…...
Psychology of Terrorism and Political Violence
Words • 2594
Pages • 11
What makes Terrorism different from Political Violence? Judging from historical and current examples, to what extent is Terrorism an effective means for groups or individuals to achieve political objectives & why? Introduction This essay will discuss what the difference is between Political Violence which is supported by the International community and Terrorism. I will also have a look at some case studies of historical acts of terrorism and current acts of terrorism and attempt to conclude how effective terrorism is…...
The Rise and Fall of ISIS
Words • 1159
Pages • 5
The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant otherwise known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria but in short ISIS. They are a Salafi Jihadist Militant group. They were founded in 1999. By Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi but is lead now by Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi. They follow a fundamentalist, Salafi doctrine of Sunni Islam. They are operating in Syria and Iraq. ISIS has caused 33,000 deaths. The fall of Isis is because of the all the Militaries fighting…...
Sexism and Prejudice in the Game Hub
Words • 668
Pages • 3
Along with the flourishing development of the game industry, more and more players are attracted to enter the game circle. Today, most games allow users in different parts of the world to interact and play games with others. It is originally a great way to entertain people, but the phenomenon of stereotypes in games are widespread, especially for gender and racial bias. Although some research showed that the rate of female players has the nearly same rate of male players,…...
Issue of Racism and Sexism in America
Words • 1007
Pages • 5
Racism and sexuality have been a problem for decades now. Even when we think that things may seem to be changing there is always a setback. To me, being an African-American female I have seen many sides of both racism and sexism. I have seen not only on my own college campus, but at many other places like my job, at restaurants, and even in church. We will never see a definite change in these actions if we do not…...
Sexism and Gender Inequality in Professional Sports
Words • 1479
Pages • 6
The struggle for gender equality is being waged in several high profile industries, and the challenge received a significant level of attention in professional sports. The US women's national football team lifted the World Cup after defeating the Netherlands 2-0. The American women's national football team raised the World Cup and shined the slogan of 'Dare to Shine!' in the world. Seeing that the team tore the stadium, not only won the World Cup for the second time in a…...
My Opinion About Sexism and Feminism
Words • 1638
Pages • 7
Feminism, the true art of women taking over our planet and bringing forward a new life to equality, yet that so called “equality” can easily turn into another ongoing sexism battle. As a woman, I do understand some protests brought on, but I will never fully understand the constant hate towards any other gender. Everyone is equal, at least in my mind. The start of Feminism began as a challenge to male domination. It could have been a great start…...
Gender Representations and Sexism in the Media
Words • 1366
Pages • 6
Young and old individuals can learn an amount of information from the media depiction of males and female. The media helps form perceptions of gender roles alongside other socializing factors such as family and colleagues, and can shape the behaviors that result from those perceptions. This section reviews the proof from studies into content analysis to determine the most prevalent patterns in gender representations in the media. Traits that emerged more prominently in male images included active, dominant, and independent.…...
Racial Inequality of African Americans in Movie “Hidden Figures”
Words • 500
Pages • 2
The 2016 film ‘Hidden Figures’ showcases historical facts through implementing racial injustice that African Americans faced in the 60s the inequality and discrimination and by using primary and secondaty sources to support the film and how history can be learned through a film. Director Theodore Melfi, incorporated racial dicrimination of African Americans during the Civil Rights Movements as it his great significance and correlates to the film, American segregation in the 1960’s appeared when Dorothy went to a public library…...
Sexism Cannot Be Eliminated in North America
Words • 1108
Pages • 5
“The prejudice in the human heart is like a mountain, and even if you work hard, you still cannot move it” (Yunyun, 2019). This is a quote from a Chinese movie which called NE ZHA. In addition to the real meaning of the quote in the movie, it also connects to the major social problem — sexism. Through history, even with so many women working hard on status inequality and gender discrimination, the world still has not changed, because the…...
Issue of Poverty and Inequality in Society
Words • 550
Pages • 3
This article focuses on poverty and inequality, talking about how poverty puts people in the condition in which they may not make significant choices. Instead, we might expect terms like the guaranteed basic income or the bad income tax, in which we make people wealth and treat them with the pride their world entitles them to. Not just could it encourage those who are suffering get by, but rather than treating them like cultural degenerates, it could hope and enable…...
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Dream Pursuit: How Grand Theft Auto Defines The American Dream
...Gabbiadini, A., Bushman, B., Riva, P., Andrighetto, L., & Volpato, C. (2017). Grand theft auto is a 'sandbox' game, but there are weapons, criminals, and prostitutes in the sandbox: Response to ferguson and donnellan (2017). Journal of Yout...
The American Dream: What it Mean?
...Koprince, Susan. “Baseball as History and Myth in August Wilson’s ‘Fences.’” African Ameri can Review, vol. 40, no. 2, Summer 2006, pp. 349–358. EBSCOhost,
How We Stereotype Men
...Men in our society are expected not to openly express emotions as such. Why? Why such indifference in gender roles? I love men who cry, fyi. It shows they are open to their vulnerability and do not need some stupid validation for it. More power to th...
How To Increase Lack Of Involvement From Students Outside The Social Events
...After researching and weighing all of the criteria of each option the option the recommended option is to combine interviewing both alumni and other fraternity members to increase overall brotherhood involvement. This option made the most sense in te...
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