Society sets Essay

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Society sets

The society sets the standards of morality and proper behavior to bring upon a world of control and harmony. Various sectors in the community have a greater responsibility in giving punishment and negative reinforcement. People molded into different characters and personalities must eventually adapt to the mainstream norms of the community. Individuals come together to build an ideal place, a perfect dimension where comfort, privilege and luxury are all there is. Laws have been enacted and bills passed to protect people from the unacceptable acts of rogues and marauders lurking on every corner of the society.

More and more rules and regulations are enforced and reinforced time and again by the elements of the justice system. These laws are incorporated by punishment to discipline the offenders. One good example of punishment is when a criminal is proven guilty of killing someone and he is sentenced to a lifetime imprisonment. When it comes to negative reinforcement, doing preventive measures are at hand to control the rising negativity of an event. An example of this is by avoiding heavy traffic condition in the morning.

Leaving home earlier than the others will make you avoid incur any traffic along the way. The following day, the person again leaves home earlier than usual and it strengthens the consequence of avoiding heavy traffic. There is a big difference between punishment and negative reinforcement. People often misconstrue the term negative in negative reinforcement since it implies something bad. But the truth is that negative reinforcement is one way of stopping or avoiding the consequences of one’s behavior.

Leaving home earlier will avoid negative events like being stuck in traffic. On the other hand, punishments are given because there is already a negative condition present and it is the corresponding consequence for demonstrating a dreadful behavior. Shaping an individual through reinforcement and punishment to bring a desired effect in behavior should be observed closely. Different people have different personalities. Subjecting a person to a form of altering or improving or changing his behavior is a matter of adjustment and adaptability.

While many can take punishment every now and then, the efficiency of such method may be regarded as useless on other individuals. This means that different methods are used and appropriated to different individuals. It is then important to weigh what kind of approach must be given to offenders in order to foster a productive result. Punishment or reinforcement may become useless if it does not give a constructive result and if it does not make an offender grow.

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