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Education             How education is valued and how it is tied up with culture and the structure of society is the focus of the article. Moreover, several factors that encourage people to attend higher education are also explored in the article. For instance, several examples about the South Korean culture were revealed in the article… View Article

Press Statement

An approach to aspects of a child abuse investigation in a modern society using police and community cooperation (A reference to the media)    As traditional communities erode and our societies become more diverse, feelings of insecurity grow, fear of crime increases and questions of identity and citizenship come in question A threat on the… View Article

Review Of Herman And Chomsky

The ‘Manufacturing Consent’ of media operations written and applied by Edward Herman and  Noam Chomsky say  that elite mass media are united and interlocked with other institutional sectors in ownership, management and social circles. In democratic societies mass media plays an important role. They respond to public concerns and create awareness to the state policies… View Article

Relationship Between Satisfaction with Life To Social Network Size

Abstract       The dilemma in society are how to pursue pleasure or a source of happiness. The effect that society has on a individual leaves them oblivious to the source of gratitude. Simple acts of kindness are akin to the source of what people find most important.  The data that was used to answers the… View Article

Society, Culture and its Effects on the Behavior

There are so many races of human all over the world; we have extensive variations of people, society, and culture. They say that in a given society the distinguishing factor of its people is culture then the culture defines the norms and beliefs. With these several factors alone we become exclusive, unique, and exceptional human… View Article

Puritans Views On Sex And Morality

What were the Puritans views on sex and morality? How do they compare to American values of today? Puritan is described as one who lives in accordance with Protestant precepts, especially one who regards pleasure or luxury as sinful. It is said that a widely known Puritan by the name of John Calvin (1509-1564) was… View Article

Belonging Relate Text

If you didn’t repeat year11 you have to do the same thing as I’m doing right now, which is a letter about the area of study – belonging. Probably you are enjoying year11 while I am suffering year12; I have tons of assignments due next few weeks. I’m writing this letter to you because I… View Article

Finding True Compassion

In human society, man is surrounded by those less privileged, those in a state of desperation. In her piece “On Compassion”, Barbara Ascher describes brief scenes that capture the basis of transaction between the helpless and those in a position to give help, arguing that the only way society can achieve true compassion is by… View Article

Science and Society

Science has come a long way since the existence of man. It made several breakthroughs that made life on earth more convenient and profitable. Science has advanced knowledge and applications in medicine, transportation, environment, space, technology and others. More so, it has provided solutions to many problems of mankind as well as offered opportunities that… View Article

Does the Internet have a democratising effect on society?

Internet has revolutionized the way of doing work in today’s modern world. Businesses are increasingly becoming online because of the wide spread of internet facility available every where. Now it is just a matter of click and one gets his order delivered at his door step. Where ever there is computer, there is internet access… View Article

Compare and Contrast the Classical Societies

The most conspicuous of the Classical Societies developed in Persia, China, India, and the Mediterranean basin. The Classical Societies were known mainly as an enduring legacies. They were known for their influential ways that affected the way people led their lives. Each of the Classical Societies achieved skillful accomplishments. They had their similarity and differences…. View Article

Freedom within a Panoptical Society

The concepts “moderm” and “post-modern” have become common currency in intellectual debates. Within such debates, the postmodern is perceived as an epoch, a perspective, or an entirely new paradigm of thought. Such a conception of the aforementioned term stems from its rootedness in the conception of the modern. Chia notes that what distinguishes the postmodern… View Article

Internet & Society

The world is changing and many new technologies are being developed continuously. Our daily life is affected by these changes. The changes will become faster in future. Internet is one most important result of changing technologies. It has become a part of our daily life. Every new technology has its own effects. Some of them… View Article

Effects of Computers and Technology on Society

The development of office computers in late 70s has made a major breakthrough in our present society. Although the earlier computers were used solely for the purpose of processing and transmitting military data, the realization on the use of computers bear out the office computers we have today. Office tasks have never been easier since… View Article

Effect of the Internet on Society

The world in which we live is vastly different than that of even those who lived in the generation that came before us, especially in the arena of computer technology. Few would debate that the most revolutionary innovation of the last several decades, along with the home computer is the Internet. It is through the… View Article

Advantages and Disadvantages to Society

Humans have become so dependent on electricity and society’s evolution to a great extent has been based on it. In the absence of lights, computers, most methods of transportation and communication, the last hundred years of advancement could be set back. With these things considered, electricity could clearly be regarded as man’s greatest discovery. However,… View Article

Distinguish egalitarian, rank, and stratified societies in anthropology

There are universally acclaimed structures of society and these can either be beneficial for the individuals or not. One of the many political doctrines that can be beneficial to the individuals of a society is Egalitarianism. Egalitarian is referred to be as a kind of society which gives equal rights and opportunities to the people…. View Article

The Foundation of Society

Education is one of the most essential aspects of any society or any country as it provides the fundamentals that people need to accomplish things in life. It molds young people into respectable and dignified individuals by teaching them proper conduct and discipline. In addition, in higher levels of learning it cultivates the skills, professions,… View Article

The needs of society

Sensitivity and awareness to the needs of society helps authorities of educational institutions guide students toward success not only for themselves but for their country as well. Reading about the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) and the connections of Human Resource Development with vocational training reinforces my belief that teaching is merely transferring knowledge…. View Article

Epic Hero and the Values of the Society

The hero of an epic is characterized by their extraordinary abilities and strength which helped them to meet all the challenges they need to face along their journey. They are the main subjects of these long narrative epic poems. The epic hero is separated from the rest of the people. They are being admired by… View Article

Self awareness

Self awareness is a personal quality which makes an individual to perceive about the happenings around him. It is also defined as a personal character that enlightens a person about various aspects of self and society. What is the research problem or topic? It may include the understanding about the personality development, health aspects, scientific… View Article

Ideal Society

What does one think of when discussing the topic of an “ideal society”? Throughout history, mankind has struggled to improve society for future generations. Every person has his/her own views on what an ideal society should be like. Society is defined as “a body of individuals living as members of a community”. Many scholars and… View Article

Sherif 1954

Aim: To study the origin of prejudice arising from the formation of social groups Sherif carried out research into groups, leadership and the effect groups had on attitudes and behaviour. The Robbers Cave Study built upon his previous work. He thought that social behaviour could not be studied properly by looking at individuals in isolation…. View Article

Social Order

Discuss the role of primary and secondary groups in the maintenance of social order and the emergence of deviance in Caribbean societies. Through the evolution of sociology as a discipline, several ‘big questions’ have dominated discourse in the subject. Such questions surround how social order is obtained and maintained in society as well as the… View Article

Sociology Reflection

It is through sociology that scientific study of the great social institutions and the relation of the individual to each is being made. The home and family ,the school and education,the church and religion, the state and government ,industry and work ,the community and association, these are institutions through which society functions. Sociology studies these… View Article

Evolution Of American Society

Following the War of1812, Americans started to feel the spirit of nationalism. Proud of what they achieved, Americans started to expand westward. This dramatic rise in expansion helped mold the American society as it separated from the Old World. This migration produced “profound effect on the nation’s economy. Likewise, the westward movement also played out… View Article

Understand Group Dynamics

I.Introduction To understand Organizational Behavior and Management, we must study three different levels. The first is the individual level, because every individual has its own unique perception of the world and what surrounds him. Individuals behave following how they interpret this and their environment. Each individual is different from the next one, because of its… View Article

Civilized, Primitive, and the Perceptual Lens

To say that any culture, region, or country is civilized or primitive is purely subjective to the person stating the opinion. Each individual, whether educated or uneducated, will have a different view on the definition of those two terms; a view that is influenced by the perceptual lens, or bias, that the individual has developed… View Article

The influences of society

Society and culture helps a person in developing a sense of identity. During the process of his growth man absorbs the ideals of society and made them part and parcel of his automatic unthinking responses. He behaves the way his society or culture wants him to behave. Society ensures that its directions and ideals should… View Article

Role of Diversity in Society

The success of a company or a group is proportional to the execution of plans. The individuals working for an organization define the success of these plans, as they are molded with good treatment and recognition of efforts and skills. The workplace, and the society in general, is culturally diverse because of the differences in… View Article