Society Essay Topics

Cartoon and Japanese Society

Japan’s animation boom began in the summer of l977, when the movie Uchu Senkan Yamato (Space Cruiser Yamato) captivated teenagers and young adults to emerge as a major box-office hit. The success of this sci-fi “anime” prompted a fundamental shift in the cultural status of animation. Even before Space Cruiser Yamato, Japan had produced a… View Article

Movie and the Society

The pleasure of watching movies is considered vital in our society today. It gives us a temporary escape from reality and allows us to indulge in a world of thrills and chills within the persona of each character in the film that we watch. We also find ourselves contemplating on the identities of characters and… View Article

Reservation Blues by Sherman Alexie

In the earlier society, not much notice was being out to the American Indians. When they were subdued and put under reservation efforts, not much attention was given to them by the people. They never really needed the attention, since even before; it is known that they could provide for themselves well enough. But with… View Article

4 Actual Concepts In American Society

Explain at least 4 actual concepts that you see in our American Society today that were mentioned in 1984.             Orwell’s groundbreaking dystopian novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, may or may not have been composed as a futuristic novel, portending political and sociological phenomena. Whether or not Orwell intended his novel to predict future trends or simply… View Article

Implications of Aging in Contemporary Society

A Census is a study of individuals and families to supply necessary information from national to the neighbourhood level. The United Kingdom first took a census of its population in 1801 and every 10 years thereafter. Census is an important measure to impart a good number of remarkable information about the structure of the country…. View Article

Japanese Culture and Society

Japan is country having a strong economic power, and good income levels and the citizen’s standard of living are one of the highest in the world. Japan’s fruitful economy is a result of fine consumer goods exports which were developed with the latest technologies that Japan has to offer. Another factor which made Japan rise… View Article

The Importance Of Dominant And Subordinate Groups

As social beings humans have the basic need to connecting with other people in some direct or indirect ways. Because of this need, people come into membership with other groups, which are outside the family group where they usually belong. However, personal differences bring about the formation or establishment of certain powers by some and… View Article

The Just Versus Unjust

Henry David Thoreau, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Sophocles were three men who tried to show the world that unjust laws hurt all of society, and all three tried what they thought would be the remedy to such injustice.  King even gave his life to the cause of overcoming unjust laws.  I feel that all… View Article

The Journey by Anne Cameron

Canadian writer Anne Cameron (1938- ) was born in Nanaimo, British Columbia, and raised in Vancouver. She started writing television and theatre scripts and then started publishing novels, including numerous children’s books, stories and poetry. She has published more than thirty books. Among the first novels which she published is “The Journey” (1982). The main… View Article

The Individual and Society

Victims of kidnapping and hostage situations, during and after their ordeal, manifest strange behaviors of associating with the captors and identifying with their cause.  This was first observed among the captives in the 1973 Sveriges Kreditbank of Stockholm, Sweden.  They later testified in behalf of their captor in court and even raised money to finance… View Article

Modern society

The modern family is obviously in many ways different from the traditional family types that existed in the past. A number of trends are at work nowadays shaping the modern, or, as some scholars put it, post-modern family (United Nations University). These factors affect the basic foundations of the family and reconfigure the roles of… View Article

The Party’s Over by Richard Heinberg

Brief Summary             The Party’s Over: Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial Societies book by Richard Heinberg tells us how and when the beginning of energy declination takes place, and make series of suggestions in overcoming the phenomenal issue.  Chapter 1 says the importance of energy and how are we using it.  Chapter 2… View Article

The Origin of Civil Society

Civil society is defined as the composition of the total voluntary civic and social organizations and institutions. This will form the basis of a functioning society to the forced-back structures of a state and commercial institutions. Examples of that constitutes the civil society are registered charities, non governmental organizations, different organization of women and many… View Article

Social Reformers and Progressivism

The answer is TRUE. The progressivism was highlighted by the key role that was played by the social reformers and intellectuals in the economic, political and social transformation of the society. These changes that the progressives sought for were viewed as “cures” for the social illness that the United States has suffered from the rapid… View Article

The Return of Tyreek

In a society dominated by vicarious experiences and phenomena, it is hard to escape violence, drug and alcohol abuse, oppression, poverty, and other realities presented in the lives of people through different mediums such as television, radio, print, and environment. Notwithstanding the challenges they face in an effectless society, these five youths – young, bright… View Article

The Humane Society

The word humane means merciful, sympathetic and benevolent. The humane society is a collective effort of an association to ensure that feelings of mercy and benevolence spread among the local people not only towards their fellow humans but also towards all the “living beings” around them. These living beings include a whole range of animals,… View Article

The Reflected American Family: Family Images Portrayed through the Media

The modern American family has more diverse components not just the typical family members. Often times, the structure of a modern family is greatly influenced with the modern influence brought about by the changing times and ideas. Modern societies are not only characterized with the great influence of technological advances and dependency, but rather in… View Article

The Second Green Revolution

Background & History The term “Green Revolution” signifies the revolution of agriculture, between 1940s and 1960s, in many developing countries which caused considerable increment in the agricultural production. This revolution took place resulting to the agricultural researches, and advancement in infrastructure, which were chiefly initiated and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation and other… View Article

A Hmong Child, Her Doctors and American Tragedy

Introduction             America is known for having a culturally diverse society. The Hmong Group is among the population of the said society. In the story entitled “The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down”, which was written by Anne Fadiman, the main character came from the said ethnic group. The Hmong ethnic tribe is known… View Article

Theoretical Framework (Role Theory)

Role is the assigned integral character or current disposition played or acquired by a certain person (Webster 2008: 636). In social psychology, the study and analogy of roles is essential as it influences the behaviour of people towards socialization or interaction with other persons (Myers 2005: 179-80). Parents and children define their relationship by playing… View Article

The New Negro

The main thesis of this paper is that the life of the Negro has taken a sudden change in the early 20th century. the Negro got rid of all the psychological and social problems which have been the cause of his mental segregation and isolation. He became confident and started to become an actual part… View Article

Social Theories

There are many social theories.  Three theories include Structural Functionalist Theory, Social Conflict Theory, and Symbolic Interactionism.  These theories differ greatly in how they describe society.  Comparing the models gives one a sense of how society interacts. Structural Functionalism             Writings of theories coinciding with structural functionalist ideals date back to Socratic dialogue documented by… View Article

Three Types Of Social Structure Theories

Society is composed of individuals with own set of personalities that is grouped together to live in one society. Differences may be seen in physical aspects, personalities, and mannerisms. The discussions of three different social structures in the society will be explained in this paper. Social Disorganization Theory Social disorganization theory refers to the failure… View Article

Juvenile Delinquency: Solution lies in Multiage Education System

Abstract Due to the dual impact of changing social situation influenced by globalization, and inadequacy of the mainstream education system, the rise in both juvenile delinquency and its intensity have become a burning problem for the society. Accordingly this proposal presents its own unique way towards finding the solution of the problem by identifying the… View Article

Conformity Paper

Conformity affects one’s behavior. There are two primary reasons why individuals conform. First, people conform due to informational social influence. What this means is that people rely on others’ judgment about an ambiguous situation and use such judgment in choosing a particular course of action. The second reason is normative social influence. This refers to… View Article

The Ideal Societies of Edward Bellamy & Jane Addams

The search for the ideal society. Over the course of our collective history, so many philosophers, sociologists, political analysts, and other great thinkers have dreamed of the perfect social order that would address the problems and issues that have plague every society since man’s earliest history as a civilized creature.             Among the long list… View Article

Harlem by Langston Hughes

Harlem has skillfully summed up the pathos and miseries of Afro-American life and its reason for socio-cultural strife in the American society and history in few lines. It contains the two essential element of any great piece of literature i.e. brevity and comprehensiveness. Langston Hughes takes into account the social impact of deferred dream and… View Article

Tono-Bungay by H.G. Wells

Tono-Bungay narrates the story of George Ponderevo and how his childhood was developed at the Bladesover House and in other places that he went to after his experience at the said house. Chapter 1 showed his relationship with his mother and gave the readers a glimpse of his personality and what the thought of England… View Article

Tom Brown’s Schooldays

Introduction: Thomas Hughes (1822-1896) succeeded in creating a role-model in Tom Brown. That he was a school boy character immediately caught the attention of the cross-section of the society. The book saw the light of the day in the year 1857 and instantly a school-boy hero was created. Tom Brown-likes became school and sports stories…. View Article