Social Work and Bereavement Essay

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Social Work and Bereavement


The placement

In this part of the essay l will talk about the name of the placement and the type of the service user group l have been involved with.

My placement began on the 6th of February 2012 and on arrival l was allocated key working role while shadowing permanent members of the team. The first week was the week to go through everything l needed to know about the organisation and service user group. I was introduced to all the service users and made aware that l would be working with SB who lived with her husband CB. CB was in hospital at this time and we went to visit him. My conversation with him at the hospital was like l had known him for a long time. CB spoke in a friendly and pleasant manner. He said he wanted to come home with us and his voice was full of life and he was a happy man and entertaining on this day. The sad thing was that Doctors had discontinued his kidney dialysis as they said it was not helping or improving the quality of CB’s life.

Arrangements were made to bring CB home and l participated in a Crisis MDT meeting that was held to make these arrangements. He was finally transferred home towards the end of my first week on placement. All preparations had been made to provide palliative nursing care. However, it was evident that staff were not sure what to expect. In the team meetings that followed on CB had there was a sense that staff were not prepared to see the man they had been looking after for so long suffer while they were on duty. In a way this was understandable and also a very difficult situation to blame staff for kind of like walking away on CB during the time he needed them most. It was clear that CB was approaching his end of life within the next few days or weeks. There was no time for training and preparing staff for this difficult time. The emotional impact CB’s illness and the eventual death had on staff was felt by everyone within the team.

CB eventually died two days after he was transferred home and the emotional impact for staff and other service users was felt and a very difficult atmosphere made it hard for some team members to cope well. SB was for some reason behaving in a completely different manner. After the death of CB she still could be seen with a smile on her face and this made one wonders what could have been going on in her mind. Oswin (1981), states that each person with learning disabilities is an individual and will grieve as an individual. It is argued that how people respond to a loss or bereavement can be more effectively understood when it is viewed within the emotional, cultural, social and psychological aspects of the person’s life. It is also unavoidable to conclude that a number of factors may influence an individual’s reaction to a loss or bereavement and this will mean that bereavement is always different.

To understand what was going on in SB’s mind would be in the context of her understanding of what death and loss means. Everyone responds differently to a loss or bereavement and it is important to think about these issues in the context of trying to help each individual. It is also important not to make assumptions about how an individual responds to a bereavement or loss.

Supporting any individual who has experienced a loss or bereavement can be a difficult task for carers.

We visited him with SB and it was as a couple while l The type of work involved initially a couple and two weeks later the husband died. So l was left to deal and work with the wife. Supporting any individual who has experienced a loss or bereavement can be a difficult task for carers.

An emotional situation developed first for the widow, other service users and staff

Issues involved for myself and colleagues will be explored in detail.

Blegislative framework

Equality Act 2010 is the main legislative framework that underpins work among discriminated members in society including people with learning disabilities.

In conjunction with this Act valuing people also is crucial

Valuing people is a policy document or framework for learning disabilities which enhances and provides a context for work that enhances learning disabilities people’s inclusion in community and society.

Chow safeguarding vulnerable adults plays an important role in the whole scheme of things.

Issues involved: bereavement among people with learning disabilities.

Knowledge gained in this research includes a deep understanding of the bereavement process among people with learning disabilities.

Theories of bereavement and loss

Concepts of Task centred approach

Values for social work practice as espoused in the document BASW 2002 will be referred to underscore values such as rights to live in community, rights to respect and dignity.


Lessons learnt in the experience

Process of bereavement in people with learning disabilities

Methods of social work

Personal values which include use of supervision

Drawing from Personal experience on bereavement

Team work in bereavement services when a service user dies

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