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For many years plastic surgery has been viewed in two different ways: perfectly fine, even helpful to many people, or the exact opposite, absolutely horrible, morally wrong, and no one should change their body. Overall the positive effects of plastic surgery outweigh the misleading negative outlooks on it. Many people would completely disagree with me; they feel there is nothing good that can come out of plastic surgery regardless.

One of those is Bill Climber, who writes articles concerning women’s health issues in which he frowns upon anyone who undergoes plastic surgery because he feels it is all about enhancing beauty and body image (Pacher).

Although, the true definition is: “Plastic Surgery: The surgical specialty or procedure concerned with the restoration, construction, reconstruction, or improvement in the shape and appearance of the body structures that are missing, defective, damaged, or misshapen” (Muth 517). There are many reasons for these surgeries; there is not just one type of person who gets plastic surgery.

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My position on plastic surgery is to show how it has been socially accepted, proven to be safe, plays a major role in changing people’s life mentally and physically, and is completely different than the terrible ideas people assume about it. Some of the views against plastic surgery are to be agreed with, such as concern with the risk or psychological issues but those views can easily be reevaluated with only a little more research on the issue. In society today people have been supposedly brainwashed to believe that in order for a person to look beautiful they must look like the images seen on T.

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V., in the movies, and on covers of magazines. Throughout history, members within some cultures have deliberately altered their body’s natural appearance (Figueroa-Haas 16). In fact, society today accepts plastic surgery if not even supports it so how is there a difference from someone trying to lose weight to fit the socially acceptable body image. Society encourages us to lose weight and be healthy and it is not seen as bad or pressuring to women’s body image it is the same with plastic surgery. Changing your body image, no matter the way, is still changing your body image, which is accepted by our culture.

In my interview with Kellie Paisley, when asked about the negative views from society on plastic surgery, she stated “Well, I don’t think people should judge it until they know firsthand, but I feel it is a person’s own decision with their body and they can do as they choose. It is the twentieth century, so a lot of people who view it as bad and changing the body god gave you, should think about the other side of the story before they judge someone just wanting to improve their appearance or even their overall health.

” Most of society is slowly starting to view plastic surgery as a personal choice depending on whether you would change your body or not. With nearly 2 million cosmetic surgeries a year, 10 million minimally invasive procedures, and nearly as many reality shows detailing them, it’s clear that our culture has embraced these beauty-enhancement options (Roizen 393). Plastic surgery would be considered more of a progressive trend by many of its opponents if they understood how society truly views it. When you see or hear views opposing plastic surgery their number one concern is always the safety, risks, and overall health outcomes of it.

First, one must know with any medical procedure there are risks, just as there are risks with going to a tanning bed, but out of all the women I know most of them have been to one in their life. In the most popular choice of plastic surgery, breast augmentation with over 300,000 procedures nationwide, surgery is a simple, safe procedure (Wigoda). It is not without some risk and discomfort of course, but the results are rewarding. In more than a million implants, no relationship between the implants and cancer, spontaneous abortion, or birth defects have been found (Haiken 265).

No illness or deaths have been associated with the presence of silicone implants in the body. Breast enhancement has skyrocketed in popularity since silicone gel was allowed back on the market in 2006 after a 14-year absence, now women can sit down with their plastic surgeons and choose from a bewildering array of gel, saline, smooth, textured, or shaped implants (Roizen 393).

Rhinoplasty: This is a two-to-three hour procedure, can be done with you either awake or asleep. The doctor will sculpt the cartilage and bones in your nose, making you look yourself or providing you with a nose you feel more comfortable with (Roizen 394).

Liposuction: Has been the most popular procedure in plastic surgery for almost two decades, and the 457,000 procedures performed annually make it nine times as popular as in 1992 . Most women often get fat suctioned from their thighs, and men have it removed from their “love handles” (Roizen 394) Eye Procedure: The eyes are the first part of the face that hints aging, because those little crinkles in your lower eyelids can be accompanied by extra skin on the upper lids, giving you an “always tired” look. Obviously there’s a good reason why 241,000 people had blepharoplasties last year (Roizen 395).

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Social View to Plastic Surgery
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