Social Theory at Work Essay

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Social Theory at Work

For the two hour exam, you will be expected to answer two questions from a choice of four. While the question choices will be on specific topics, you will be expected to demonstrate a critical appreciation of social theory at work, as outlined in the Intended Learning Outcomes. No books or notes will be allowed into the examination, this includes dictionaries. Core Readings This list comprises the minimum required reading for the course. Links to these readings and more detailed reading lists are available on the KLE, where you will also find questions to guide your reading preparation.

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Grint K & Woolgar S (1997) “Theories of Technology” in The Machine at Work Polity Press: Cambridge pp6-38 Jolivet, E. , & Heiskanen, E. (2010) Blowing against the wind—An exploratory application of actor network theory to the analysis of local controversies and participation processes in wind energy. Energy Policy, 38(11), 6746–6754. Ritzer, G (2001) “The McDonaldization of Society” in Explorations in Social Theory: from metatheorizing to rationalization [Chapter 10] Bryman, A. (1999) “The Disneyization of Society” The Sociological Review, 47: 25–47.

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