Social Studies: World War II Essay

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Social Studies: World War II

In all honesty, before this project I was as clueless about World War II as a blank sheet of paper. All I knew was that it was related to Adolf Hitler, and the nazi party against Great Britain and London.

Our interviewee was Ambassador Antonio Rocha. His great grandfather was the tutor of Sina Antonio Luna and Hidalgo, two of the few people who helped Rizal start the propaganda. He’s half Filipino and half Spanish; And on top of that his family used to own Malacañang.

His point of view towards World War II was more on the personal side of matters. Because not only did the Japanese sexually harass his 16 year old cousin, but his mother was decapitated to shreds by one of their soldiers. In the interview, he explains how brutal the Japanese are in terms of the massacres of the innocent in our country.

They sexually harassed the female, abuse or slave the male (all before killing) and the babies were tossed in the air and pierced their bodies using a bayonet, and this heartless ‘process’ was called “bayonetting of babies.” He also mentions the De La Salle Massacre, with the constant bombings and the Japanese soldier’s insensitive slaughter of brothers and families who had only been there n order to take refuge from the mess of society at that time.

I knew about how other countries were inconsiderate and heartless towards Filipinos back then but I never knew that they came to the point of piercing the baby with a sharp sword-like items. I don’t know the reason for this, maybe they’re again of revolts? Maybe they’re were hiding something? Or maybe they were really just that spiteful against other countries? But what I do know is that no matter what they their reason was, that wasn’t a good enough excuse to slaughter the innocent, especially the babies who haven’t even had a chance to see how awful, horrid, foul, repulsive, repellent and just sickening the Japanese’s doings were to them. If they were in our place, what would that have done, what would they have thought, how would they have survived knowing it was a loss cause?

No matter who was in our place I wouldn’t wish all those things to happen to anyone. Not my friends, family, strangers, the heart breakers, the two timers, the beliebers, the serial killers, aliens, cowboys, monkeys, martians, witches, ghosts, my enemies, not even the people who deserve it; Should suffer the pain and loss that you’ll have if the roles were reversed.

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