Social Studies Sba Outline Essay

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Social Studies Sba Outline

Introduction to CSEC S.B.A.
Geographic fieldwork is about the application of geographic concepts and ideas in the investigation of a problem or issue. Instead of gathering information from books, we gather information about the world around from the environment.

Geographers first identify an area for research. They ask geographic questions about the issues that have been identified and form hypotheses.. They then conduct a systematic collection of data to test the hypothesis. This is done through the systematic collection of field data through observations, collecting samples, interviews or surveys. The collected information will be analysed and presented in a field report.

The Purpose of the School Based Assessment
The School Based Assessment (SBA) will help you to understand how geographers build the knowledge that they present to us in textbooks and other publications. In this part of the course you must rely on the information, concepts and understandings that you have collected during your study of Geography. You are expected to design a simple study, collect and present information that is relevant and arrive at a conclusion about your study, using no more than 1500 words in total.

Contents of a Geography SBA

The Aim (or Aims) of the study ?
Analysis and discussion
Location maps

There is a particular order in which the report must be done for
presentation. This is as follows:

1. Title page

2. Strategy sheet

3. Table of contents

4. Location map(s)

5. Aim of the study

6. Method of data collection

7. Presentation of data

8. Conclusion

9. Bibliography

10. Appendix

Mark Scheme
(1) Table of Contents

Details properly sequenced with correct page number 1 MARK

(2) Aim of the Study

At least ONE aim clearly stated as a direct or implicit question. 2 MARKS

Aim is geographical and based on the Syllabus
Aim allows collection of primary data.
(3) Location of the Study

At least two sketch maps: 4 MARKS

ONE of the site (showing immediate environs), and
ONE (usually of territory) showing its location in relation to other features (for example, roads, rivers, settlements within the parish or region or district); BOTH maps accurately drawn and properly labelled.

Between the two maps: (Indication of scale, directional arrow, key or labels, title (1 mark each to maximum 4 marks)

(4) Methodology

A clear statement on HOW data were collected and an example of the instrument used or a brief outline of how observations were made and tests done. 2 MARKS


A clear statement on HOW the data were collected. 1 MARK


Little or no mention of HOW the data were collected, but an example of the instrument used is included. 1 MARK

(5) Presentation of Data

Illustrations: variety, for example, graphs, tables, labelled photographs (at least three illustrations to be used). These should be generated from field observation and tested by candidates and not copied from secondary sources (that is, they should be the candidates’ original work). 4

Accurate, appropriate, neat, fully labelled, and titled (Excellent presentation)

(6) Quality of Data and Illustrations

Accurate, appropriate and relevant 4 MARKS

(7) Analysis of Data and Discussion of Findings

Very well organized, coherent, points well developed, well sequenced and supported by comprehensive data (Excellent) 7 – 8 MARKS

Integration of Illustrations

Well integrated – discussed and distributed (placed) 2 MARKS

(8) Conclusion

Is related to the purpose of the study, and provides an appropriate summary and conclusion consistent with the data obtained; may include assessment of methodology. 5 – 6 MARKS

(9) Communication of Information

No grammatical errors or flaws (2) and extensive use of appropriate geographical terms (2) 4 MARKS

(10) Bibliography

Alphabetical order by author with title, publisher, place and date with relevant and up-to-date references 1 MARK

(11) Penalty for Exceeding Word Limit

(Where the word length exceeds 1650 words, 10% of the candidate’s earned score is deducted.) 4 MARKS

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