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Social Studies Sba Essay

Paper type: Essay Pages: 7 (1673 words)

The researcher is extending heartfelt gratitude to all those who help made pursuing of this School Based Assessment possible. Firstly, I would like to thank my teacher who invested his time to ensure the best result of his students is achieved, my guardians for allocating resources and relieving me of certain household duties. Finally, my friends for being there with me throughout my struggle and diversion from what is necessary and continuing to support and guide me through my oppressive time until it is over to the end where all of us will be smiling.

It is rear in life that u would find people who will help you direct your path your life is flowing in by helping you whenever you need it and saying what you need to hear although it may seem daunting. But what you have said and done for me is not and will never be neglected for my desire to prevail cannot be over written by anything and a race is not over until its end result.

Thank God all mighty for what he has done and still doing.

This research is centralized around juvenile delinquents of Hopetown Community. Not always acts done by juvenile delinquents are contemplated, so we have no right to hold anything against them. We, the society, plays n o integral role in the upbringing of our individuals and whenever someone is
going wrong we have the right to intervene so that our members can be the best of themselves. Throughout my research, I have been enlightened with the opinions of residents on their views of juvenile delinquency in the community and I am sharing them with you in my booklet. Remember that if someone cannot make a mistake and learn from it we are human beings and like any other person juvenile delinquents are faced with struggles and cannot make the right decision to get out of it and consequentially end up lost, nut we can reach out to them and put their lives on the right path.

Statement of problem
What are the main causes of juvenile delinquency in the Hopetown Area?

Reason for selecting this area of research
This research was done to observe the main causes of juvenile delinquency in Hopetown area, at what age it is prevalent and what can be done to reduce the effect of juvenile delinquency on our population.

This gives us the opportunity to strive socially and productively in society. Since information obtained will not only be used for S.B.A purpose only, but also use to inform child welfare on the impact of juvenile delinquency on community.

Method of Investigation
In order to collect information requested from community a questionnaire was used. A questionnaire is a set of questions used to gather information in a survey. A questionnaire was used because of the following:

* It is confidential
* It requires little time to be completed
* It gives us an insight of the person’s opinion
* It allows the respondent to have choices
* Allows to go radical in your research

Data collection Instrument
Survey on the main causes of Juvenile Delinquency in Hopetown Village, West
Coast Berbice.

Dear Resident,
This survey is being carried out in Hopetown area to determine the main causes of juvenile delinquency, effect it has on our community and the steps that can be taken to reduce it. This study is being conducted as an assignment for Social Studies course I am presently pursuing.

You are advised to answer the following questions honestly and truthfully. Since you do not have to write your names anywhere, no one will ever know who answered in a particular way. Remember this is not a test. There is no right or wrong answer. Most of the questions can be answered by a check in a box like this . Specific instructions are given where necessary. Thank you.

Yours sincerely

1. What is your sex?
Male Female

2. What is your family type?
Single Parent Nuclear

3. Age range?
36-4243 and older

4. Do you go to school?
Yes No

5. Do you work?

6. In your opinion, state what is juvenile delinquency?

7. What is the main cause of juvenile delinquency?
Peer pressureDomestic violence
Gender based violenceDrug abuse

8. Defend your choice above

9. At what age is juvenile delinquency prevalent in the community of Hopetown? 11-1213-14

10. Justify your answer above

11. Do you know anyone who is or was a victim of juvenile delinquency? YesNo
12. How did juvenile delinquency influence that person’s life? Emotionally Physically
Psychologically No comment

13. How did society view that person?

14. What is your view of that person now?

15. Do you think juvenile delinquents should be given a second chance? Yes No

16. Do you think juvenile delinquents recover from juvenile delinquency? YesNo

17. Is juvenile delinquency insurmountable?
Yes No

18. How does juvenile delinquencies influences a family?
Emotionally Psychologically
PhysicallyNo comment

19. How do you recommend this problem of juvenile delinquency be solved? Incarceration Counseling
RehabilitationNo Comment

20. What advice would you like to give families facing this problem? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

21. What advice would you like to give people facing this problem? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Procedures of Data Collection

A total number of thirty five questionnaires was distributed and handed out to residents in Hopetown Community area. Before questionnaires were handed out, the researcher randomly selected houses for them to be distributed. Of the residents most were youths under 19 years. A total number of twenty five questionnaires were collected. To determine an accurate survey twenty of these questionnaires were used.

Presentation of data

The pie chart above shows how juvenile delinquency impacts a person’s life. It is clearly observed that juvenile delinquents’ lives are more decimated by physically aspect than any other of the mentioned problem according to the people in Hopetown Community.

The doughnut above is displaying society views of juvenile delinquents. It is observed that 80% of society sees juvenile delinquents as bad people.

The graph above shows the age range which juvenile delinquency is prevalent. Age 15-16 juvenile delinquency is dominant. This tells that the turning point in one’s life is around this age.

The main contribution to juvenile delinquency was observed to be peer pressure which obtained 40% of the respondents. Substance Abuse acquired 25% of the respondent, stress gained 15%, domestic violence 10% and gender based violence and environment gained 5% each. Do you think persons troubling from juvenile delinquency should be given a second chance? Options| Tally| Frequency |

Yes| | 12|
No| | 8|
The table above shows respondents’ answer from the survey to the question “do
you think juvenile delinquency should be given a second chance?” What family type Juvenile Delinquency is most prevalent?

Family Type| Tally| Frequency |
Single Parent| | 12|
Nuclear Family| | 2|
Extended Family| | 4|
Other| | 2|
The frequency table above shows that juvenile delinquency is prevalent in the single parent type family than any other family type.

Analysis and Interpretation of Data

From the survey, it was clearly observed that juvenile delinquents lives were devastated more by physical problems than any other ailments. Juvenile delinquents seem to be susceptible to what see of them to more than what people say of them. Figure 1 shows psychologically effects of self opinion on delinquents was also fair but respondents were also different in their response and prefer not to comment.

Society opinions also influence the behaviour of juvenile delinquents. From the survey society viewed 80% of juvenile delinquents as bad persons, 10% viewed them as good persons and 10% of the respondents had other views. This proves that society plays an important role in the behaviour of juvenile delinquents, for example, since people see them as bad people they would behave badly. Figure 2 shows result.

Juvenile delinquency seems to be more prevalent among mature age, the age of 15-16, than any other age range. This tells that juveniles face difficult times around this age than any other part in their lives. This is also the point in an individual’s life that determines the type of person they will be in the future. Figure 3 shows results.

Figure 4 shows the main contribution to juvenile delinquency was observed to be peer pressure which obtained 40% of the respondents. Substance Abuse
acquired 25% of the respondent, stress gained 15%, domestic violence 10% and gender based violence and environment gained 5% each. Peer pressure seems to be the main contributing factor of juvenile delinquency, because peers often listen or be involved in activities because of friends. Although environment seems to influence the ways persons would behave, only 5% of respondents believed that it is the main cause of juvenile delinquency. Table 1 shows that most of the respondents think that juvenile should be given be given another chance; 12 out of the respondents think that a second chance should be given because everyone makes mistakes some point in their lives, while the remaining 8 think that they do not deserve a second chance. Table 2 shows that juvenile delinquency is prevalent in the single parent type family than any other family type, 12 out of the 20 respondents had this view. This is because children need both parents in their life to function and if devoid, delinquency may be the result. 4 out of the respondent viewed extended family as an option and Nuclear family and Other had 2 respondents respectively.

Statement of Findings

The surveyed revealed information relevant to juvenile delinquency some of which are mentioned below:

1. Peer pressure account for the main causes of juvenile delinquency 2. 80% of society viewed juvenile delinquents as bad people. 3. Juvenile delinquency is dominant in single parent families.

Recommendation and Implementation Strategy

Juvenile delinquency cannot be removed from any community but it can be reduced by efficient planning by government and welfare officers. Society also has its role to in the reduction of juvenile delinquents.

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