Social Studies Sba

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Social Studies Sba

There are many people who have contributed positively to this assignment and without which it would not be successful. Firstly the Researcher expresses gratitude to the Almighty God who provided the knowledge and strength for the completion of this study. To the following persons who have contributed in various ways: -Miss Samuel, teacher of Social Studies at the Jose Marti Technical High School, who provided guidance throughout this study. -The members of my family who gave me the push and provide the resources needed to do this research confidently.


Living in the community of Seaview Gardens for 16 years, the Researcher observed the number of males within the community who are indulged in numerous relationships. In other words, they have multiple partners, and there is no doubt that these partners are deemed sex partners. This has been of great concern, bearing in mind the serious consequences there are having multiple sex partners. There are numerous commercials that speak against this conduct as the government seeks to reduce the high health bill that the country faces. Additionally, the community has been grappling with the number of violent activities that have occurred over a number of years due to person’s involvement in multiple relationships. Persons have also lost their lives in instances and there are many broken relationships resulting in unstable homes due to this grave social issue.

This has become a great concern to the Researcher as there are a number of children who are residing in the community and it is often said that children live what they learn. The Researcher, in her bid to create some degrees of stability to the community, decided to carry out a research in order to determine what are the causes and consequences of male promiscuity in the Seaview Gardens Community, Kingston.

It is hoped that at the end of this study, specific measures may be taken to educate the community in a bid to create a new vision for a new and stable lifestyle. As a result, the findings and recommendations will be forward to the country Youth Clubs Presidents so that workshops and public campaign may be to educate the residents about social issue that is affecting families within the community.


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