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Social Studies Sba

According to the data gathered 50% said they will treatthat person same as usual, 20% said they will scorn that person, 10% ofthe respondents with complete isolation while the other 20% will treatthat person with caution.Figure 3, represents the response of the respondents to the question inwhich they were ask how many persons are willing to join the fightagainst HIV/AIDS. According to the data collected 13 person arewilling to join the fight against HIV/AIDS while the other 7respondents are not willing to join the fight against HIV/AID. 10. TASK 7Twenty questionnaires were shared randomly to bath male and female, ages18-40 years. All respondents agreed that HIV/AIDS is a deadly disease. A 90% respondent indicated that the majority of the sample knows the different ways through which HIV/AIDS can be transmitted.

The research also revels that 65% the respondents think that HIV/AIDS victims should be isolated, the majority of persons indicated that they are sexually active and have one sex partner, amongthem condom is used by the majority many of the respondentsagreed that HIV/AIDS persons should be allowed to work andsuch students should remain in the same classroom with HIV/AIDS victims however 50% of the sample think that the name of HIV/AIDS victims should be made public the majority of person are of the views that government should spend money provided dugs for HIV/AIDS victims. Severe punishment should be given to the victims according to the majority of sample who interlineally spread the HIV/AIDS disease. 11. TASK 8 FINDING• Majority of person use condoms every time they have sex

.• Most person are willing to join the fight against HIV/AIDS 12. TASK 9 RECOMMENDATIONPersons that are sexually active should take an HIV/AIDS test onceever six month if not using a condom when having sex.Persons should be treated same as usual while campaigns and ralliesabout HIV/AIDS should be maintained in order to educate youths. 13. IMPLEMENTATION1. Doing this research on HIV/AIDS, I think person that are sexuallyactive should take an HIV/AIDS test once every six month if not usinga condom when having sex.

2. I therefore suggest that the ministry of health should send doctor ineach community and run AIV/AIDS test randomly free of charge.3. Also distribute condom in area this could solve the high standard ofHIV/AIDS victims Figurer one is a pie chart showing the response of the person as to the levels of education they achieved. From the three levels of education it was seen that majority of the respondents obtained a secondary education follow by tertiary education and the minority attained a primary education.

Figurer two is a histogram illustrating why youths in Greiggs are unemployed. From the histograms a plurality of youths were looking of a specific job and the minority were awaiting results from exams.

Figurer three is a bar chart illustrating how the basic needs of youths in Greiggs are met due to their unemployment. It was noticed that a great majority of person meet their basic needs via family and loved ones, eighty percent to them to be precise. Five percent of person continue to exist by means of their friends and a reduced amount of five percent survive by doing illegal activates and ten percent were others Analysis and Interpretation of data

From this it can be said that most of the respondents chosen by using the random sampling method where youths with the age group of eighteen through twenty years of age. The first on the questionnaire asked the respondents what level of education they have obtained. A vast number of the participants attained a secondary education forty five percent, following by a primary education thirty five percent and the minority attaining a tertiary education twenty percent. From the information mentioned above it can be said that majority of the youths in Greiggs are not well The second questionnaire asked the respondents how many subjects they have obtained. A great majority of the participants did not obtain a subject thirty five percent. Thirty percent gained under five subjects without mathematics and English. Fifteen percent gained five subjects including mathematics and English. Ten percent gained five subject including mathematics alone.

From this it can be said that most youths are unemployed mainly because they do not have the educational qualifications or in other words they tack they compulsory subjects. Question three asked the respondents have they ever work before. The ratio of yes and no is 18:7. From this analysis it can be cant that the youths of Greiggs had word before. Of the 25 percent chosen by the sampling method 18 of them have had working experience prior to the collection of the questionnaires. The remaining 7 persons have never had any working experience or held any job posts. According to question ten, sixty percent of the females were found to have children. Sixty of the figures are unemployed while the other forty are currently employed. Seventy five percent of the unemployed female respondents are dependent on family and over ones while the remaining twenty five depend on friends.

The questionthirteen on the questionnaire asked the respondents if theyfeel the government or private sector is doing enough to fight the Unemployment issue.The ratio of yes and no is 14:11,from this analysis it can be said that government is trying its best to address the unemployment problem. In analyzing question fourteen, seventy six percent of the respondents stated that In analyzing question fourteen, seventy six percent of the respondents stated that they would like migrate in search of job opportunities. While the remaining twenty four percent answered no to this question. It can be noted here that the jobs that would appeal to them rather than the low paid salaries they currently work for and those unemployed would have the opportunity to get a job.

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