Social Sciences in the Philippines 

As a Political science major I have learned that studying foreign studies regarding your country was helpful but it is much better if it were native. Studying local studies were conduct based on the perspective of the locals, unlike foreign studies that were shaped by foreign perspectives, practices, and thinking. That’s why I am amazed to our reading, explaining the growth and history of our very own social sciences institutions. During the 1960s onwards we could see the manifestation in our scholars the studies of Marxism that produce Marxist inspired and Weber inspired scholars that brought different lenses in constructing the institutions, conducting the studies and tackling the problems of our society.

The collective effort of our scholars to incline and to not further entrenched our studies and understanding to our society on depending on foreign modalities became a movement. The efforts of indigenization in the Philippines have brought notable developments and much understanding in our society. When I was a child at the age of 10 or 11 I always knew that I would take up a course related to history, I always wonder what more knowledge I can accumulate to achieve a better understanding on my country.

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I always thought that majoring in history or sociology would made me better than majoring in Political science however, no matter what I pick it would always end up that I would always try to understand my country. This review gave me a perspective it gave me the story of those who are in the past that a week ago I didn’t know.

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It is truly that a society cannot just fall down to the sky or be like just a gift but we must build it, studied it, and must sacrifice for it just like in the days of our ancestors that they didn’t receive it that easy but they sacrifice with it with their blood, toil, and sufferings that made us who we are today. Even with different lenses, perspectives, and thinking they made it possible. The state apparatuses cannot be easily change or enhance it must needs to develop with the backings of studies. I think the changes and influences of the past made us what we study today even though they have their differences. I think the rise of Marxist ideals in our scholars enhance the needs for indigenization of our society. Not linking from foreign but to our own, the Political science discipline and the other disciplines debating the procedure, frameworks, and methodologies in examining that not only collectivizing but also giving the boundary of their disciplines accessible to the needs of collective research in this country.

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