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Social sciences

In this article, Wikipedia states that Anthropology “has origins in the humanities, the natural sciences, and the social sciences,” citing Eric Wolf to support this claim. In the cited article, however, Wolf (1994:1) discusses how “ideas about race, culture, and peoplehood or ethnicity have long served to orient anthropology’s inquires, and justify its existence. ” He does not explicitly mention the humanities, natural sciences, or social sciences. I think this citation may be a mistake. For example, the citation says the article is from pages 1-7, but then cites page 227 as the location of this fact.

It is a reputable source, but the stated claim does not match the cited source. Wolf, Eric R. 1994Perilous Ideas, Race, Culture, People. Current Anthropology 35:1-7. CONTINUE AS SUCH FOR FOUR MORE] Identification of Five Unsourced Facts: [EXAMPLE: In this article, Wikipedia states that “the term ‘anthropology’ is from the Greek anthropos (???????? ), ‘man’, understood to mean mankind or humanity, and -logia (-????? ), ‘discourse’ or ‘study,’” but does not cite a source for this claim. This is a primary statement, because it gives the origin of the term Anthropology. CONTINUE AS SUCH WITH FOUR MORE] Sourcing of One Unsourced Fact:

[EXAMPLE: The statement that the term Anthropology is from the Greek words meaning “humankind” and “study of,” could be supported by the Oxford English Dictionary (2000), which states: “Etymology: < Greek ???????? man + -logy comb. form. Greek had ???????????? (Aristotle) treating of man, of which *???????????? was analogically the abst. n. Anthropologia occurs as modern Latin in 1595, and anthropologie as modern French. ” Oxford University Press 2000Anthropology. Electronic document, http://www. oed. com/view/Entry/8436? redirectedFrom=Anthropology, accessed February 8, 2012. Oxford University Press. ONLY ONE NEEDED!! ]

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