Social Responsibility of the News

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The word ‘news’ is taken from the Latin word ‘Nova’ which means new. That means that news we get, either through television, newspapers, or internet should always be new in order to inform people on current situations happening in the world. People always have the right to know when something is happening and also to know the true and right sides of the story. Giving people right information and true statements on specific situations around them and in the world is very important.

It’s so easy nowadays to present false news to the people because it is very easy for us to believe things when we are not educated enough or at all or not being familiar with certain topic that is being presented.

There is something we call ‘social responsibility’ of the news media to deliver the information correctly to the public, not looking at the fact if the public is familiar with it or not. Because that should not be their concern in any times, as writers, media, or journalists in general; it is on them to only bring the news how they are.

We all know the news media has a great influence and power in shaping perceptions of the world and happenings in the world to its viewers. In that case it is very important that the sources are as accurate as possible when getting news information. Media in general has social responsibility to society to cover the news with honesty and not add any opinion of theirs.

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The public mainly relies to TV, radio, newspapers, and internet when looking for any kind of source about information they want to get or know about; whether it is just entertaining news or some major and important event that is currently occurring near them, or somewhere in the world. Learning about the news and staying informed opens up our minds to everything. It is mandatory to stay up to date with current events in order to always be well informed. We, as the audience, deserve to know the real truth no matter what. No matter if we are a part of it or not. No matter if certain news will affect us in a way or not at all. We deserve to know. It is simple as that. The main and only role of the news is to report and present news in a way where writer’s or journalist’s opinion won’t affect the reader’s opinion in any way. The information they’re delivering should be accurate and true, which is not always the case.

The real question is, “How can we, as audience, determine whether the news we are getting is actually true?” How can we know if the story has been changed? What if something was added to the story we are reading, and now the whole context has changed and it doesn’t have the same meaning it had at the very beginning? By changing the story, the writer changed people’s already formed opinions, by giving his. It could be politics, fashion, economics, or anything else, and one topic is not less important than the other because people are different and everyone is interested in different things, so in that case no story should be changed.

The reason it’s so easy for the media in general, to manipulate the readers is because readers, or most of them lack education. It is much easier to convince someone to believe the story he’s trying to sell, if that someone is not educated enough or simply not familiar with the topic at all, or not interested in it so they won’t even bother to read something more about it. Even if that story sounds completely unrealistic, it will be much easier for a reader to accept it and believe it rather than read more about it and explore and look for more information in different sources. However, not being curious enough to read as much as possible, brings consequences of believing something we see on TV for the first time, just because we don’t really have some previous knowledge on the topic given.

On the other hand, it is also very sad that people today are more interested in things like reality shows and celebrities, and following everything they do and everywhere they go, rather than bigger things like what is our current president going to do with the immigrants for example, or what is happening with the kids that were taken away from their parents, or going even further, what is happening with the people that had to leave their homes in Syria from the war they didn’t even ask for. How do people in Serbia live after they got bombed in the 1990s? Do these people that went through horrible things around the world ever recover? Do we even know about all this? Did we even get all this information, were we even informed right and was it the real truth; the real, accurate information? Or stories have changed many times before it got to the public and greater mass of people? But do we even care? Or we just care when it’s about us and someone very close to us. However, reading about our favorite reality star always interests us and the things they do even though they could be doing the same exact thing every day. Sadly it will still have people’s attention more than anything else. We act like we don’t have voice to change things and all we need is true, real information at the right time. When the information gets old it becomes too late. People forget things easily, and new information is always coming from every side and faster than ever and replaces the old one that stays in the shadow forever. That is also the reason why newspapers are staying in the past due to internet progression for the past years.

Keeping up with the news makes us not only well informed, but more intelligent as well. We’re given the opportunity to form our own opinions on certain issues. However, we should try our best and look into news we usually wouldn’t. We should try and expand our knowledge by expanding our sources we get the news from. In one way or another almost everything that happens in the world affects us whether we know that or not. From important political issues and debates to global warming.

Although every information is available online and it is very easy to gain access to it, we should still be careful about choosing the right source and valid and reliable information as well. It is not necessary reliable and truthful only because it was simple and easy to get to it.

On the other hand, we, as readers and as the audience, should never wait for information to come to us. We should always seek and look for it ourselves. Exploring more and reading more will give us all the answers we didn’t know we need. By reading a different material, we see things from different perspectives and by doing so, we can make a decision and judge certain things or situations how we think we should and we have a choice of wanting to believe in something or not. But not being educated on a specific topic doesn’t help us with making the decision of whether we should believe certain story we’re being told or still choose not to. Not being educated enough certainly doesn’t give us the right to give opinions on that topic and as a matter of fact we shouldn’t even talk about it at all.

At the end everything comes down to if we actually care about if we are being told the truth and given the right information on anything we read or we simply read and believe things easily. If that is the case, I believe that it was never easier for the media, news, and people with power to control us by controlling our minds, how we think, what we think, and what we are going to do with the information they provide to us, than today. It seems like living in today’s society and existing in the time where people believe everything, is the perfect time for wrong people to rule and control great mass of people, and at the end make them do anything they want.

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