Social Responsibility Essay

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Social Responsibility

A community consists of organizations and citizens that are all tied to one certain area. What makes a community successful and effective is when both the companies and citizens work together with the same values and interests. When both organizations within a community and its citizens work together, it is a win-win situation. It makes for a better place to run an organization and a better place for its citizens to live in. Successful companies and organizations are now focusing on things other than making a profit. These companies are looking into how to make the community they serve a better place and to build a better relationship with its community which in turn, will help them operate more effectively (Investopedia, n.d.).

Company Q is having a little trouble with containing a positive social responsibility with the community it serves in. Bing in a major metropolitan area, Company Q has had to close two because they were always reporting a loss. These two stores were unfortunately, located in areas where the crime-rates were higher. Company Q does not have a positive outlook on the social responsibility to its community because of the lack of trust that the management in Company Q has with their employees. Local food banks have asked Company Q to donate day-old food but Company Q has declined thinking that the company will lose money because management thinks that its employees will steal the food claiming that they are donating. The company feels that if its employees do any of this fraud or stealing, the company will lose money.

One action that Company Q can take to improve its social responsibility is to increase security levels. Company Q does not have any trust in their employees so they can start by adding video surveillance to make sure that their employees are not stealing or doing any kind of fraud with the food they could be donating to the local food bank. Another type of security measure can be to hire some sort of security or loss prevention to the stores. This kind of measure can help with keeping any stealing from both their employees and customers.

Increasing the type of security can even help with keeping those stores that they had closed down in the high crime rate areas. If criminals know that there are some sort of security measures within the stores, it decreases the chances of stealing which in turn, will hopefully keep Company Q from losing money.

Another action that Company Q can do is to try and find cheaper ways of finding health-conscience and organic products. This will help with decreasing the amount of products that are left unsold. They can try and find any local producers and maybe come up with a deal to buy products in bulk for a lesser price. This will help with decreasing the sales price on the items so that hopefully more customers will want to purchase more of these items. Being in a metropolitan area, the citizens in the community are very limited to the stores they can shop at since space is very limited in downtown areas. Company Q could benefit with lowering their prices on high quality, health-conscience and organic products because it would draw more customers into their stores if they were more affordable.

A final action that Company Q can do is to provide some training to their management and employees. One type of training can be about ethics and the company’s code of conduct. Ethics and the company’s code of conduct training can help the employees know from right and wrong. It will help the employees understand what is expected of them as an employee. Another type of training can be employee training and activities that will help with the morale within the company. They can do activities that will help build teamwork and happiness with working in the company. These kind of activities can help promote job satisfaction. The kind of morale that would build from these activities can make the employees enjoy where they work and who they work with. Job satisfaction will make an employee want to do the right thing because they enjoy where they work.

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