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Social Psychology Paper Essay

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Social Psychology Paper

The main factor that contributed to Sarah’s attitude toward her curfew was social cognition. Partying with friends was yet a new thing to her and she had been hearing of it from her friends but had never experienced it due to the restrictions by her parents. It was her curiosity to better know and understand her society and to see the things that she had heard of which actually made her break the curfew and go to the party. Moreover, there is also an underlying optimistic bias that influenced her decision to do so where she believes that things will turn out to be well overall.

So, it is her social cognition that she still does not know very well of her society and that there is more to see and know for which she takes the decision. The fear to miss the things also made her go to the party and disregard the curfew. Sarah has dissonant cognitions in her mind at the time she was going to the party. On one side she had obeyed her parent’s instructions to follow the curfew and be back home after leaving her school. On the other side she has heard of a party from her friends and wishes to be there.

These two contradictory cognitions drive her to a psychological state of tension. Here she adjusts the psychological weight of the two cognitions by paying less importance to the first and breaking the curfew her parents gave her. On the other side she pays higher importance to the cognition received from her friends and goes to the party. While evaluating both the cognitions she is in a state of cognitive dissonance. Sarah confirmed to her peers beliefs of being a smart, sociable girl. She agreed to their proposal of going to the party and enjoying the night.

The most important reasons behind this could be her curiosity to meet and see everyone and how people of her age in her society act and behave in a social setting like this party. Moreover, there could also be a fear of being considered unsociable and not the socializing type that made Sarah do this. She starts interacting and socializing with people and also comes across Jack at the party. She conforms to the social norms which she has learned through her interaction with the peers at the party.

The main reason that Jack feels attracted to Sarah is because they share the same interests. At the party both came to find out that they liked the same music and that they also shared a few hobbies. Jack and Sarah also found out that they lived in the same neighborhood, which I believe would fall under proximity in the rules of attractions. Moreover, Jack also felt attracted to her because she was beautiful and he asked her out. Which is where the physical attractiveness comes in.

The type of social interaction displayed through the fight was aggression and hostile aggression. The argument leading up to the physical altercation was instrumental aggression. The actual physical altercation was hostile aggression, to inflict harm unto someone else. I think that physical fights in a happy, social, party type setting is a bad thing. People go to parties to have fun and interact with other people. By these two men fighting they killed the happy setting of hanging out which made the people want to leave and go home.

Nobody wants to go to a party and risk the chance of being hurt in a physical altercation, or possibly get in trouble by the consequences following this physical altercation. In the end fights whether it be physical or verbal is not fun for anyone. I think Sarah’s behavior was influenced by others throughout the night in many ways. I think Sarah changed her personality to fit in with her other peers at this party. Which made her do things she would not normally do for the sake of fitting in and being accepted by her peers.

I also think that since she has never really been to a party before because her parents were so strict, that she was enjoying her new found freedom (even though she broke her curfew and went against her parents rules) and was just soaking everything in that was so new to her. Sarah wanted to hang out and do the things her friends and peers do, which made her make bad decision about breaking her parents trust and changing her personality to fit in with other people. View as multi-pages

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